Friday, June 1, 2007

Advice for those expecting triplets

Yesterday afternoon, amid a no nap taking scream fest here, I had a call from someone expecting triplets (friend of a family member). It was the second time someone expecting triplets had asked for any advice I might have. So here it is, for what it's worth. Just a few tidbits that I would offer to those expecting three....

  1. Accept all the help and volunteers that offer... just be sure to have a system set up so that people are coming and doing when and what you need them to and not adding to your stress.
  2. During the first few sleep deprived months try to have help lined up even during the night time hours so that you occasionally get a break to sleep.
  3. During those same months your mind and body will suffer, but rest easy knowing that in only a couple of months more (or 7 months if yours are anything like ours) when the babies are actually sleeping at night, you will probably remember that it was bad, but won't be able to specify what was bad about it.... other than the sleep deprivation because your beautiful, interactive, smiling, SLEEPING babies are so much fun!
  4. Don't plan on going out much, especially if the babies are born during RSV season. Even if you weren't a germaphobe before, chances are good that will change when you have 3 tiny, premature babies in your care. No children or sick people even came to our house from October to April. We are finally out and about, and I don't sweat people talking to and touching the babies at all like I used to... the babies even eat the occasional cheerio (and who knows what else) off the floor here at home or even 'gasp' a restaurant table.
  5. I wish I'd started the blog earlier so that I could more easily look back at all the milestones the babies have hit, but see items 2 and 3 as to why I just got started.... no extra time for anything but sleep.
  6. The hardest thing for me at first was just not having enough hands to hold and comfort them all at the same time. It was nice to have someone else here to help Scott and I so that each baby had someone holding and loving them individually at feeding time. Now that they are mobile, all I have to do is sit and play with them in the floor and they make their way over for hugs and kisses when they want them... which, fortunately for me, is very, very often!! We also had E to consider in terms of making time for her to have mommy and daddy time, individual attention that she was so accustomed to, etc. That might have been the hardest part instead... hummm, not sure which was hardest.
  7. Don't let other people convince you that you can't breastfeed because you have triplets, but also don't wear yourself out in the attempt. The pump and I made it through 6 months of torture, and by 7 months they were weaned from breastmilk to formula. I hope that I did some good with all that pumping- they got what they needed to grow healthy and strong, but I can't tell that they have suffered in any way due to formula for the last few months. An added bonus was loosing all the pregnancy weight and still eating everything under the sun...
  8. Enjoy your babies as much as you can at every single stage because just like with singletons they grow up way too fast.... the days are long, but the years are short!

Hope this helps someone, and for all the family and friends reading, don't worry- tomorrow it will be back to pictures and kiddo updates!


Carolyn said...

Lose all the baby weight and eat all you want??? What did I do wrong???....Hummmmmm.
Wonder if I can start breast feeding again? LOL

MaryBeth said...

I have wished about 1000 times for that reason that I could start up again too, but then I realize that they all have teeth now and weren't great nursers even without them and I'm ALL DONE with the pump... reason enough to just eat less and exercise. Wish I was better at both those things!