Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Same Age Group Triplets and Quads Blogs I Read...

Once again this list is way behind the blogs I actually read, but I'll try to get it updated with the rest of them soon! 08-17-08

I'm finally getting around to making this list reflect the blogs I actually read... there are a lot of them thanks to Bloglines, but I've put the newly listed, but not exactly new to me ones at the top.

Campbell Soup

Loving My Triplets

Thorstadt Triplets

Triple Blessings + 1

Tripled Pink

Bouncin' Baby

Burke Triplets

Giglio Triplets

Guinn Triplets

It takes more than an egg...

Jorgensen Triplets

McGovern Trio

Nelson Triplets and Big Kids

Stephens Triplets and Collin

Team Freas

The Ratliff Boys

The Urech Quads

Wheeler Trio

Wilke Quads


Lara said...

thanks for your sweet comment and vote for my picture at 5 minutes for mom!

I thought I'd let you know about a good friend of mine who has 2 year old triplets and an older son. Her blog is campbellsoupy.blogspot.com.

Your daughters are just beautiful! :)

Tubre Quads said...

I found you through the Urech Quads site.

Your girls are adorable. You might also want to check out The all girl Carlson quadruplets http://thecarlsonblog.blogspot.com/, the all girl IDENTICAL Mathias quadruplets http://www.mathiasquads.org/, and if after all that you need a little testosterone you could venture off to see the all boy Murray Quads http://murraycrew.blogspot.com/, or the all boy Malone Quads http://malonequads.blogspot.com/.

Love your blog and your little cuties :)

Love from Louisiana,