Thursday, May 31, 2007

All About M

Check out my nose...

Playing piano

M has a twinkle in her eyes. It is definately going to be hard to keep up with this gal. She is constantly on the move and into things. We have nicknamed her Dora. Yesterday afternoon all three of the little gals got into some gift wrap tissue paper; they were all three eating it. I noticed when I got to them that she was literally the one holding the bag.... handing out the contents to her sisters. (A leader in the making?) She has already managed to fall off the bed and get a nice carpet burn on her nose. Cute isn't it? She really enjoys music. She can often be found pulling up to the piano bench and waiting for someone to help her up to play the piano. She actually plays nicely and beams with pride over every few bars of music she makes. It is adorable! She also stops whatever she is doing and moves toward the sound of music from the radio or cd player. Just like the others she adores Big Sis. In the mornings after she has finished her bottle, she always heads straight for E's room. At 9 months she has 6 teeth, waves hi and bye(as of today), can sign more when she wants more cheerios, and did I mention she is climbing on everything? She has an easy grin that you can watch spread across her face; it always starts in her eyes. M is always the one I choose to dress in blue thanks to her beautiful eyes. She is a real pistol, and I love chasing her around!

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