Saturday, June 2, 2007

All About K

"Are you sure I'm not having a good hair day, Mom?"

From the very beginning, even in the days of ultrasound pictures only, we have joked that K was actually my sister's baby. She was always putting her rear end in someone else's face and then waving to us back in those days. Since she has been outside my body she has continued to remind me of Kari in so many ways. People even say that they look alike. She was the first to get a tooth- now she has 6. She was so active early on that I would have bet money on her for first to crawl, but instead she was last. She would sit in the floor and cry because the other two were getting the things she wanted but was too lazy to roll to them. When we first started feeding finger foods, she would sit like a little bird with her mouth wide open and wait for me to put something in it instead of reaching down in front of her for the food! She seems to be the most communicative so far... don't want to jinx her here though. She is eager to cheer for herself and her sisters. When she finally did start to crawl, if we cheered her on she would stop, sit, and clap for herself. She says hi and bye with a cute little wave. She also likes music, and I think so far she is the bookworm of the group. There have been a few knock-down, drag- out fights over a little rubber duckie book the girls have. K is always at the middle of them... for some reason she feels she is entitled to have every book in the house exactly when she wants them. She is always the first to smile... what a twinkle she has in her little eyes! This child is just so darn easy to love. I know I mentioned the similarity to Kari...

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