Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rah, Rah, Rah!

Just a few things to cheer about tonight...

A few weeks ago the girls were treated to a middle school football game with Kay, Doug, and Brian while Scott and I had a date night. One of Kate, Sarah, Maggie, and Ella's favorite people is a sweet girl named Emily who happens to be on the middle school cheering squad, so they were thrilled to go to the first game of the season and see Emily.

We have a hard time getting the girls out of their cheer leading uniforms these days as a result. At any given time I have between one and four little girls running around here referring to themselves as Emily (insert her last name here).

I heard Ella the other day saying, "Come on Emily, follow this Emily... we've got to go help our friends. Campbell is stuck out in the water and Luke has gotten covered up by ants. Emily to the rescue!" To which Sarah replied, "Yeah, Emily to the rescue!" Then they hopped off their swing set and raced to the other side of the yard. So not only is Emily a middle school cheerleader, she's also a super hero... at least at our house!

We are constantly being treated to cheer leading shows and tumbling displays.... constantly, and I've even heard several of them say that they intend to change their names to Emily when they are older. I am so thankful that the girls have a role model like Miss Emily!


Last weekend we took the girls to help my aunt Janice celebrate a big birthday at a surprise party in her honor. Mimi brought along Janice's old high school cheer leading uniform because the girls found it in a closet at Nanny C's and have since talked about it a ton.

You can just imagine their excitement and our delight that even at her big 5-0 b-day party she slipped that uniform on and cheesed cheered right along with them! It fit perfectly!?!

Happy belated birthday Aunt Janice!!


Andrea said...

That picture of the five cheerleaders is precious. I am so impressed by your beautiful Aunt Janice!

Dorinda said...

They are just adorable in their cheerleading outfits! How cute is that?! You are in soo much trouble in a few years :) Yea, I know, we are too.

Wow Aunt Janice - that is amazing! Happy belated birthday.

Stephanie said...

I'm so impressed that she fit in her cheerleading uniform after all those years...and she looked great in it too!