Friday, September 4, 2009

If Only I Had a Magic Wand...

This afternoon I found myself in the kitchen having a leisurely lunch with Ella. Maggie, Kate, and Sarah had pooped out much earlier than usual today after a very early lunch, so Ella and I had a nice relaxing lunch at our normal hour while they were all sleeping.

While we were sitting there I realized that her self selected plate didn't hold a lot of nutritional value, again. She claims to not like any vegetables or fruits these days. I don't know how we managed to get to this point, but I spend a good bit of time pondering how to best get her to eat better. So while I had the opportunity I decided to put her to work on the problem. I said, "Ella, we're going to have to work together to come up with a way to get more fruits and vegetables into you." She thought for a moment and then asked, "Mom, do you have a wand?" Thinking of the 47 wands that the girls have as part of their princess attire and wondering what in the world she was getting at, I replied, "yes".

At that point her eyes sparkled and she said, "You mean you have your own wand?!?"

I told her that I was just thinking of hers and her sisters' wands when I answered yes.

She looked a little disappointed when she declared, "Mom, I think it's going to take a REAL magic wand to get me to eat more fruits and vegetables."


danajk said...

She is too funny!! Very clever, too.

I think all kiddos have their phases. I distinctly remember my brother going through a serious bologna and cheese phase where he ate a sandwich 3 meals a day until he tired of it!!

Ms. ~K said...

Oh that Ella is a smart one!!!
I enjoyed catching up on the girls!
I can't believe the trips are 3!

Stephanie said...

I think it is awesome that you include her in the "problem-solving process." :)