Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Growing Things

We've talked a good bit around here over the past year about things we eat that are natural vs. man made because of the sensitivity that Ella and Sarah have to red dye number 40. Ella likes to excuse herself from eating strawberries (she doesn't like fruit at all these days, remember?) because they are red, but the other girls are all very quick to tell her that God makes the strawberries grow out of the ground. "They are natwally wred... we can eat 'em," they'll say.

After a lunch time conversation over a hamburger with a sesame seed bun the other day, I'm not so sure our lessons are really sinking in. As soon as the burgers were delivered I noticed Ella carefully removing the seeds from her bun and placing them in a napkin. When I asked if there was something wrong she declared, "I'm just gonna take these home and see if I can grow us some hamburgers, okay?"


danajk said...

Very clever! You have to get up mighty early to keep up with that one!
Spencer has been trying to grow an apple tree all summer. He plants his seeds almost everytime he finishes eating an apple.
And HE calls the sesame seeds "sprinkles!" It makes hamburgers all the more delicious!

JMT said...

If you fiqure out how to grow hamburgers, please let me know!

Rach said...

Oh my goodness! How adorable! Great laugh to start my day.

Judy said...

She is so cute... Thanks for lighten up my day!