Friday, March 20, 2009

R&R Day One

On the 1st of March when Maggie, Kate, and I went to pick Scott up at the airport I fielded no less than one million questions regarding Daddy and everything else under the sun on the way to the airport with two two year olds. It was great fun, but not nearly as awesome as the ride home.

Maggie, Kate, and Scott giggled almost the entire way. They played peekaboo, monsters, and lots of other great games. We even stopped for pizza and enjoyed the company of just two of our four little munchkins. At the time Scott had no idea how much louder things would be once we arrived home.

We stopped by our house so that Scott could change out of his uniform before picking Ella and Sarah up from church. Ella had informed Scott over the computer during a Skype conversation in the days leading up to his visit that he would need to "not be seen wearing his silly uniform in public". She added a please, and he agreed. At the fellowship hall where Ella and Sarah had just finished lunch, there were many more giggles, hugs and kisses for Dad.
Once we finally arrived home it was time for Maggie, Kate, and Sarah to take a quick nap. Meanwhile, Scott, Ella, and I enjoyed looking at the pictures from Iraq on Scott's laptop. Ella picked up Scott's little point and shoot digital camera and wowed us with her photography skills. Then one by one the little girls trickled in to join us.

Once everyone was up I mentioned a birthday party for Pop C that same night and couldn't believe it when Scott said it sounded like fun and we should go. He was such a trooper. I am sure he was incredibly tired already by that point, but the girls were all thrilled to show off Daddy. It was also a great way for Scott to get to catch up with lots of our family.

The party was a huge success! Pop was "only" expecting his 6 children, their spouses, and his grandchildren, but many of his brothers and sisters were there as well, so it was a bit of a surprise party. Pop C celebrated his 80th birthday and had help from all 4 of his great grandchildren blowing out his candles.

Finally after traveling through 3 countries over the course of 3 days to get back home after being gone for nearly 6 months, when Scott said he was getting a little tired we headed straight home. He was so happy to be home and back with the girls and I that he didn't even mind having spent the entire day among large crowds of people. We packed a lot in to that first day.... we were all just so glad that Scott was home we could have done anything or nothing at all and I think we would have been happy!


HollyB said...

I tagged you! Check out my blog for the details! It's fun, Please play along!

Andrea said...

I loved seeing pictures and reading about these two special men! I'm looking forward to reading more about how your spent your two weeks together. Not to wish time away, but...hurry, July, hurry!!!

Ms. ~K said...

So good to see your whole family together...
Great shot Miss E!!!!