Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sarah Tales

This afternoon the girls were all playing happily outside. I checked in on them by looking through my kitchen windows periodically. At one point when I looked out, I couldn't see Sarah anywhere. About that time I heard a knock on the door.

"Mama, let me in please!", she said. I went and opened up the door. She immediately started in with, "Mama, I need my paci... I really, really need it." It is generally our rule that pacis are only for sleeping times, naps and bedtime.... I know it's way past time to get rid of them, but I just haven't picked the right time yet!?! At any rate, I said no and tried to distract her.

She was not going to be distracted. In fact, she said, "Let me tell you what happened why I need my paci." I told her to spill it. "I was playing cake making with Maggie in the sandbox, and then she called me a mean witch!" I gave her one of my best shocked, "Really?!?" responses. So Sarah said, "Yes, and that's when it happened." I said, "That's when what happened?" She concluded, "My teeth suddenly hurted and that's why I NEED my paci."

I have to wonder... with logic this solid at age 2, what are we in for at age 12???

(p.s. I had no idea how scraggly the girls hair was until after we had it cut. Now I look at these pictures and just cringe... why didn't I take them over to Ms. Kim's sooner?)


Tara said...


Anonymous said...

What will you say when Sarah says, "Mama, I NEED that new pair of shoes. Let me tell you why I need that new pair of shoes..." I would have a hard time saying no to that...I identify with the need for a new pair of shoes! You go Sarah!


Laura said...

That was such a cute story. Sarah is too smart for her own good. You may have your hands full when she hits the teenage years.

Andrea said...

She is brilliant! Geesh, my boys just wail for them, and here is your daughter coming up with an elaborate, rational story! So...did you give it to her?

Kim said...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! I love it. Oh, and as far as the scraggly hair, we just didn't know that they could be any more beautiful 'til it just happened. You're in for a long life full of beautiful surprises!

Sugar Mommy said...

So sweet. We are just in the beginning stages of the paci is only for nite nite time. Not going very well. You give me strength.