Sunday, September 21, 2008


Since Kate has been out of the spotlight for a while, at least on the ol' blog, I decided that I should not let another day go by without also posting her 2 year old update. Here it is:

Kate's list of favorites: food- pizza, color-green, song- Happy Birthday and He's Got the Whole World In His Hands, dvd- ABC Signs from Signing Time, activity- riding the mule (can you tell all the girls were within earshot of one another when I asked these questions?!?)

When asked about a best friend, Kate quickly responded "my Kay-Kay is mine shavorite".

Kate goes by lots of nicknames... Katydid, Katie-Lady, Kater Potater, and Katie-Poo. I still simply stick with Kate.

Her stats from the doctors visit for her well check up were good. She was the smallest little 2 year old peanut that we've got at only 21lb 10oz, and she is 33.5 inches tall. Recently, I'd say she is quite possibly the best, most consistent eater in the bunch, but that has not always been true. Perhaps she'll catch back up soon at her current rate. That's a big cup of chocolate ice cream she's eating in the photo above... Just like her sisters, she could not have possibly been more charming or delightful on our trip out together! She is such a sweetie!

Kate is the "swiper" of the group. She still adores the spotlight, and is always the first to get up on stage to perform. Lately, she's also the most eager to make new friends with the people we meet. All the other girls are much more shy and reluctant, but Kate is a very fast friend maker, indeed.

Since the transition to big girl beds, Kate is the only one who I can count on actually finding in her bed at night when I go in to check on them. She loves to horde things. She collects piles and piles of stuffed animals in her bed each night and then props herself up on them. During the day time she is currently working to perfect what I like to call her "cry for dramatic effect only" face. It is something to see, and if I can catch it on camera sometime soon I will definitely post it for posterity.

The gleam and sparkle in her eyes is sometimes the bright spot in my day. She is one of the easiest to love children I've ever met.... but of course, I'm biased!


Dorinda said...

Okay, I seriously LOVE those dresses :) Just adorable. And I love hearing what the girls say and do. I'm amazed at how far ahead of my girls they are with just a few months between them.

Will you take me to Chick-shall-a? Love that :)

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

I agree, the dresses are so cute. It just amazes me how much they grow up from 1 year to 2. Glad you got one that stays in bed at least. I can only imagine.

Brandi said...

They are all too cute, but I did notice Raegan and Kate seemed very interested in each other at kindermusik the other day (or maybe Kate was just staring at Raegan because she was acting so wild!) But did you notice when everyone else stopped holding hands after the circle part, they were still hanging on to each other and just jabbering and giggling away? It was so cute!

JMT said...

Your girls sure have grown in the past year. I look forward to seeing them continue to thrive. Our girls are changing daily it seems too.

Laura said...

What great updates on the girls. They are getting to be such grown up little ladies. They obviously make their mom and dad very proud.

Denise Wheeler said...

That is a cute picture of little miss Kate. Glad to hear her check up went well also. I agree with Dorinda, it is amazing how much farther ahead they are with just a couple of months. I am still holding out hope that someday mine will actually speak.