Thursday, July 24, 2008

One Whole Week Down

It has been a week since Scott left for training. I tried my best yesterday to come up with a beautiful shot of all four girls together to surprise him on this first little anniversary of sorts.

While we were playing at Mimi and Pop's yesterday morning I chased them all around the deck, garage, yard, and pool with my camera. At least I don't have to worry that missing Daddy will be the only thing about his deployment that the girls will remember.... they're also going to vividly remember how nuts Mommy was carrying around her camera everywhere we went!

I tried in vain to pose them nicely, but here was the result... sour Sarah, Kate holding a piece of sausage in hand, and Maggie all excited to get started "painting". Nobody wanted anything to do with picture making.
Thankfully Ella was more cooperative, as usual... at least where modeling is concerned.
My attempt at getting all four together was completely futile!
Instead I decided to just focus on capturing them all hard at work to show Daddy how they are spending their time. They washed and painted (with water and any kind of brush or broom they could find) the entire deck around the hot tub... and the pool furniture.... and the glass doors (sorry Mimi), and just about everything that wasn't already wet when we arrived. Sarah did lots of inspections of her sisters' work.
Kate mostly just bossed everyone else around... not that they were listening.

As is typical these days, the girls played very hard in the morning. After all that washing and scrubbing, we turned on the radio and had a little dance party in the garage. I need to get those dance moves on video very soon! It was too cute. After all that, some friends came over to swim with us. So we swam for a couple of hours.

Exhaustion around noon time is one of the key elements of my super scheduled days so that we can manage day to day during this deployment. I have lots of pictures from today to share, but another critical element to our survival this year is Mommy getting more sleep at night. So I'm off to bed now and will post those another day.

We've had many people call, and email to ask how we're doing. I'd definitely have to say we're missing Daddy, but because we're used to him being gone part of the time already, it is still pretty much business as usual around here.... except for the extra effort we're putting into our schedule every day.


Tara said...

glad to see all is going well. I find inspiration in your attitude and as I always say if you can do it with 4 I can survive a deployment with one.

Dorinda said...

I guarentee Scott knows how hard it is to take a picture of all 4 sitting still! So when he sees them he'll be laughing his head off which should make his day :) I'm sure your efforts are appreciated - you capture your girls so well but right now that's life with triplets!! I know he's missing every minute of it.

Christie said...

I love how you describe the personalities of all the girls. You're amazing MB.

CMB said...

Glad to hear you are managing. The girls are so adorable!

Candace Hickey said...

I was just thinking about you are doing well! The girls are adorable...and so eager to clean! Maybe they could come all the way to Texas to clean for me? Again, the girls are beautiful....I am sure Scott is loving these photos. Congratulations on making it through week 1. Here's to a great week 2!

Kerin said...

I'm praying right now for Scott's safety and your "sanity" during this difficult time in your life. The kids are beautiful! "Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you." (2 Thess. 3:16)