Saturday, July 26, 2008

Crazy for Blueberries

Maggie, Kate, Sarah, and I are absolutely crazy about blueberries. Thursday morning Mimi, Nanny C, and I took the girls back over to pick more blueberries from my great grandmother's 50 year old blueberry bushes. We are so thankful that our cousins have kept them in great shape and graciously offered to let up pick as much as we want there!

The only trouble with taking the girls along is the fact that they eat them and spill them as fast as I can pick them. But they look adorable doing it, and they have fun, so it is totally worth it!

Princess Ella loves to go along for the adventure, and she is quite an excellent blueberry picker. However, I don't think a blueberry has ever crossed her lips. She THINKS she doesn't like them, therefore she won't try them.

Kate usually picks and eats for a while, but isn't all that interested in dragging a bucket around. She prefers to play with the dog Jake. He's little, and she follows him around trying to play.

Sarah, my little fruitarian, is the main reason that I have been so busy picking and freezing blueberries these last few days. I think she would live on fruit, but blueberries are one of her most favorites thus far!

She likes to pick them and then eat them. She likes to take my bucket once it is about 3 layers deep and finish them all off while I pick more.

Many friends have asked, "MB, what are you doing with all those blueberries?" Three times now I have gone over and completely filled a sand bucket full of the sweet, delicious things. Two of those times I had the girls along, so I didn't make it home with all the pickings. But all the blueberries that actually make it home with me are going into the freezer to make blueberry popsicles.... not really popsicles, I just freeze the berries on a cookie sheet and then bag them up to eat frozen later. I'm trying to stock up since these girls love them so much.

Although, at this rate, our supply will only last until August!


Tara said...

yummy!!! Those girls are just too cute.

Gibson Twins said...

That is awesome that the girls love fruit so much! I bought some blueberries last week and made pancakes with them so the kids ate it, but they'd never touch it raw. I have to buy 5 different fruits a week just to get them to eat maybe a handful of something. Right now its peaches and canteloupe but who knows tomorrow!

If your stock does run out, you can get frozen ones (I use them in smoothies in the wintertime). Looks like it won't even make it til August :)

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

I love all the photos. From the blueberry faces to the pretty dresses, even the one with the sausage. I bet Scott really misses them and you really miss him. Have you gotten to talk to him much?

Ella reminds me so much of Ashlyn. Does she have several different clips in her hair? Ashlyn is doing the same thing right now. She will bring me a handful of hair things and want them all in.

Whitney said...

Delicious!! I did't get your comment about the playdate until Friday afternoon. It was a crazy week since I was traveling. We NEED to get together! We don't have many plans for the rest of the summer. Let me know if you are up for a visit!

Anonymous said...

great shots!

Candace Hickey said...

OK, can you send some blueberries to Texas? he he the way, we have the same taste in clothing...take a look at my girls are wearing the same print of pants that your girls tops are in the pictures (I am guessing Children's Place)?

Maestra Jen said...


We love blueberries too! Just went berry picking last week. :)

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Jennifer said...

ours love blueberries too, especially lily - our 'fruitarian' :)

how nice to go blueberry picking. i bet they loved it.

we bought large containers from costco and like you froze blueberries in separate baggies.

they love them frozen.