Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This morning I took all the girls to a MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) meeting at a local church. Ms. Faye met us there because she usually comes here on Wednesdays and the meetings are hosted by her church. The girls stayed in the nursery, even Ella, because with her sisters and Ms. Faye there, she didn't much care what the other 2-3 year olds were doing. When I dropped them off, they were all crying hysterically, except for Ella... even with Ms. Faye there. I'm told that the crying was for show because it ended quickly. Thank goodness... now if we can just get Ms. Faye to go everywhere with us, specifically like to the gym? I'm sure they'll come out of this "where is my mommy" phase before too long, right?

While they were happily playing in the nursery, I was learning a little bit about bread making. The class was incredibly interesting. We started by grinding our own wheat. We used all natural, organic ingredients and made sweet bread dough.

When we got home Ella and I had to go down to Nanny and Pop C.'s house to finish and bake our cinnamon rolls because my oven is on the fritz. Not too happy about the oven, but Ella and I both had a wonderful time visiting with Nanny and Pop while our goodies were baking.

When naps were over for the little gals, they each had a delicious, home made cinnamon roll for afternoon snack. They were oooh-ing, ahh-ing, and saying yum the whole time they ate them..... now if I could just get them to do that while they are eating their veggies! And I suppose if we are going to continue to eat sweet breads and the like I am going to have to find a way to get to the gym!!


Jen @ One Moms World said...

What a wonderful end to the day. Those cinnamon rolls do sound oh so delicious as well.

JMT said...

I am sure the girls enjoyed the rolls better than the formula they used to have all the time.

We are just starting cereal, so no sweets yet.

Brandi said...

At least your girls ate the ones you made. Raegan wouldn't even try them, and Joe smeared his with peanut butter. I thought they were great though, and I'm eating one right now actually!

Candace said...

Hey - Can't believe you beat me to healthy eating bread making!

I've had wheat AND a grinding mill sitting here for almost 2 months - but don't know where to start!

I do have a cinnamon roll recipe on the blog, maybe I should try it? It seems too time consuming with these little ones.

PLEASE share any good bread recipes you find - I really need them!

And about your comment on the Krispies - I have done those, thinking they were somewhat healthy, then noticed all the corn syrup in the marshmallows!

This too caused problems for me - I can't eat junk food anymore! BOO HOO!!! =P

Brandi said...

eh,it's not really a farmers market I guess. Jaemor Farms, on 365 right over the Hall county line. Some of it's local produce but not all of it. I also like the Tomato House over in Dahlonega, but Jaemor is closer to us.

Kristin.... said...

Found you thru Mommy Brain. Oh my, and I thought I had my hands full. I'll be popping in from time to time. Come visit!

Brandi said...

So when I saw you at the store yesterday I impressed, did you have all the girls with you? I couldn't tell because I was too busy trying to get out of there without my one kid causing a scene. I can't even imagine two-much less four to control in there. I just assumed that someone stayed with them while you went or something I guess.

CMB said...

How cool! The 'where is mom' phase is tough. Ava is going through it now and I am at my whit's end. As for the gym...please. I am gaining weight at this point.