Monday, March 17, 2008

Hard Play... Good Rest

Yesterday Ella and Scott ran in the American Cancer Society's 5K at our church. I think they both had a wonderful time. Gamma helped me load all the little gals up and take them to watch the big finish. Scott was first in his age group (even though he was pushing a stroller), but if you ask him it was "no big deal". Perhaps next year I'll run too... of course, he'll have to push the triple stroller and let me do the single. I bet that one would count for more than "no big deal". In truth, the big deal will be if I actually run!!
Ella was so funny. She really soaked in the whole event. She stretched with Daddy before and after the race. She drank her cup of water at the half-way point and ate her cookie and banana at the finish. Scott says that she was yelling, "Faster daddy, faster," almost the whole race. I'm sure the other runners got a big kick out of that!
After the race we headed back home for an hour or so before returning to church for the Easter Egg Hunt. It was pretty laid back, and the girls performed exactly the same way they did on Thursday when we took them to NGC for an egg hunt.
Kate was way more interested in eating the candy (right through the wrapper, mind you), than she was in hunting eggs.

Sweet Maggie spent lots of time investigating the contents of the eggs as well. I don't think she actually tried to eat through the paper, though.
Sarah was like an egg hunting machine. She picked one up and headed off to find the next... immediately. She wasted no time checking them out. She had, by far, the most eggs of our little foursome.

Poor Ella... I'm afraid she might have a touch of OCD. She could not pick up the eggs and move on. She insisted on opening each one as she got to it. She then checked out the candy and put it carefully back in her basket. Finally, she couldn't move on until someone put the eggs back together for her. No matter how hard I tried to explain that she could check out her goodies after the eggs were all found; she would have none of it!

I tried very, very hard to get a group shot of the girls in these cute little dresses because my blogging friend Tanya of The Farmhouse Kids and The Dairy Wife sent them to us about a month ago. They were cute... especially earlier in the day with their little pink boots, but the group shot, it has become impossible for me lately. Sorry Tanya. I tried, really, I did!

As a result of our busy, fun-filled day, we had our first 'sleep through the night' night in a long while. We've been plagued by teething issues lately, and I was so, so happy to sleep.... finally!


The Dairy Wife said...

Oh they look so cute and they fit just perfectly. I can't think any cuter little triplet girlies to have given them to.

Did you get my email that I need your address again. I made Ella a bracelet and want to mail it to her for her birthday ... I know I'm late.

Take Care,


Christie said...

So cute! You've inspired me to find an Easter Egg Hunt this weekend. You guys do such fun things with your crew!

Becoming Me said...

Your girls are adorable and I love your blog design. I'm so thankful to 5m4m for having the awesome blog party. I am finding more inspiring bloggers everyday. I am going to blogline your page so I can read more later. Blessings to you and your cute little ones.

CMB said...

What a great day! The girls are adorable and it looks like they had a lot of fun. I am happy to hear they slept for you too!

Brandi said...

So were the girls in the same nursery room as Raegan this morning? I was just wondering what they were up to when you picked your crew up.