Thursday, August 16, 2007

Frequently Heard Phrases

I laughed at myself this morning as I was playing with the babies... seems I am a broken record these days. "Read it; don't eat it! We read books; we don't eat them!" Over and over and over again. They now understand what I mean (at least I think they do because of the glint in their little eyes when they glance up at me), and still they continue to eat the books!!

Lunch time rolled around, and once again I brought out the old record player. "We sit on our bottoms to eat our food. We don't stand in our chairs. SIT DOWN!!" Over and over and over again. Yikes!! I know they understand me, but what I just don't know is how to make them obey. For the last few days I've been stuffing as much food in as possible before they start trying to outdo one another with standing and being cute, and then the first one to stand is the first one "all done". She stands- she gets put down from the table. Hopefully they are getting enough solids to eat?!? Perhaps we'll just start eating at one of their Little Tykes or Step 2 tables so they can stand to eat and I don't have to worry about them falling to the kitchen floor...

Help!! I fear this is only the beginning!


Jennifer said...

I'm trying to figure out this discipline thing too. I'm not sure at what age it sinks in.

One of my boys is starting to drop his food off his tray, when he starts this he is usually not that hungry anymore and losing his interest so I promtly take the tray away. at 11 months he doesn't seem like he is trying to cause trouble, just interested in gravity.

they also drop sippy cups from the high chair, i just make sure I don't rush to pick it up so that I don't start a new game.

tub time, sitting down is another big one.

i'm just trying to pick my battles and be consistant. but not sure how much they grasp yet and not even sure what is really important to me.

food is all over the floor anyway so I delayed even remarking about it until I realized that I wouldn't want three toddlers throwing food all over the dining room.

at least you have some experience, so I'll look to your blog to see how you handle the upcoming challenges of pre-toddlers.

someone recommended 'love and logic' for parenting style tips. i just bought it so will see if that sheds any insight.

oh, and can you buckle your babies in their highchair so they can't get out? so you don't have to have a battle of wills? or does that just not work?

MB said...

i guess i should check out love and logic too... i've heard some good things about it. i'm not too concerned yet with the discipline aspect of the table time or them not listening when i say don't eat books. i think they are still a little young?.? in answer to your question, though, because we use a table with seats we can't buckle them in like a highchair with a 5 point harness. they crawl right out even with the single strap belt thingy that is supposed to keep them in. i guess this way i will know for sure when they are hungry and not...

Gamma said...

Hi; Your Aunt Ann called this afternoon. She said if ANYONE can figure out how to keep the girls in their seats, it's Uncle Denny. And if he needs another expert, I'm betting on Aunt Velcro.