Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Taking a Poll

Re: A New Blog

I'm thinking of giving the blog a facelift so to speak as of September first. The girls will be a year old, and we'll have made it through the "year of which you do not speak" with triplets. I'm hoping by then to commit to some sort of posting daily, even if it is just a photo or two. So I'd like to hear from some of you guys who read the blog with some suggestions: 1- If you know of any great blog banner designers, or better yet someplace on the web where I can learn enough to do it myself, please point the way in the comments section. 2- I'm tyring to come up with a new catchy name for the blog address and title... Suggestions?? 3- Any other things to consider as I get ready to make the transition. I still can't believe the first year is almost over!!! Where does the time go?