Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Dreaded Bug

Those who keep up with us on Facebook know that our house has been victim of the stomach bug for the last few days. Yesterday afternoon I decided that we would forgo naps for a Cinderella viewing. I knew that Maggie would sleep anyway and was hopeful that everyone would go to bed extra early as a result.

My gamble paid off, but during the late afternoon hours things were a little hairy. We were all flailing around in the kitchen while I was trying to prepare dinner for the four grouchy silly sisters. The usual high noise level was completely over the top due to all the whining and lack of napping.... and I was by myself for the witching hours for a change. I paused for a brief moment in the midst of the chaos to collect myself and say a little prayer that I'd be able to carry on until 6:30 bedtime.

A very observant Ella noticed my brief delay and said, "Mom, are you thinking about calling 9-1-1?" I laughed and told her that 911 wouldn't help in our particular emergency situation.

We made it through dinner, such as it was, and then went straight for jammies and tooth brushes. After a couple of books and prayers, the little girls were in bed by 6:30. Ella went down 30 minutes later, and everyone was asleep by 7:15pm. After rushing around to clean up and make breakfast I was in bed asleep myself at the unprecedented hour of 9:30pm.

The girls slept for 13 hours straight, all ate breakfast this morning, and now no one has been sick in over 36 hours. So do you think we've kicked it??? I sure hope so!


Sab Mad said...

Sickness is always the hardest thing to deal with when I am by myself!
I hope this is it and said a little prayer for you!

Candace Hickey said...

I am so sorry you all have been sick! :(

Hang in there...I hope the girls are over it. :)

Angela said...

Oh sickness stinks. I hope you all have beaten the death!

Kelli said...

I am so sorry to hear that you all have been sick.....I sure hope that you are all feeling better now!!! Big hugs to you all!

MooBee Mama said...

I remember those buggy days when my kids were little. It gets better as they get older. Then they want to stay up and watch your favorite late night tv shows with you and your cover is blown!