Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Whack a Mole

"Who's causing trouble, surely not us?"

The saga over our three times daily battle to keep babies in their chairs at the table continues. This morning Kate lead the charge in Babies vs. Mommy and KayKay. She was first and most often up. KayKay likes to play Whack a Mole every weekday morning for breakfast. It is not too bad as long as there are extra hands to put babies back in their holes while someone else is feeding them. She had feeding duty and whacking duty while I was manning the camera for documentation purposes. The real kicker of it all is that you can clearly see how pleased they are with themselves as we're frantically saying "Sit Down!".

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Kelli said...

oh my goodness! those pictures are fantastic! that is the perfect way to describe it.."whack a mole"! My boys have not figured out how to stand in their highchairs yet!

I love the new picture at the top too! Your girls are just beautiful!