Thursday, February 16, 2012

Missing Teeth

At the girls' last dental check-up, following x-rays and an otherwise clean bill of dental health, we were informed that Sarah's top, front, right tooth was going to have to be extracted. It had apparently sustained trauma at some point in history (we have no clue when or what?!?) and the middle portion of the root was dead, which could lead to an infection that might damage the adult tooth, etc, etc.

We took her Monday to the pediatric dentist for what we thought would just be an evaluation. She was such a cooperative patient that he offered to try and remove it while we were there. He had the tooth removed in less than 10 minutes, and we were on our merry way.

Once we got home and picked up all the other girls from school, she proudly showed off her new missing tooth. Side note: Sarah has been eager to begin loosing her teeth since Ella started loosing hers over the summer. She has claimed loose teeth and had me wiggle them for months now to check and see if any were close. This has been utterly thrilling for her!

Son on Tuesday morning when Maggie woke up fuming mad that Cupid didn't visit us, Sarah told me secretly that she figured Cupid couldn't stop by because there was already a Tooth Fairy at our house that night and the Tooth Fairy had top priority.


Ms. ~K said...

Yay for Sarah!!! :)

Denise Wheeler said...

Lucy is the only to have a lost a tooth as of yet, actually, she has lost 2. I can't believe how grown up our babies are becoming. You may have 4 silly sisters but you also have 4 beautiful little ladies!

E.S. B. said...

I remember that story!