Monday, October 4, 2010

Sweet Sarah

Sarah has one of the sweetest little hearts I've ever encountered. Don't get me wrong... she's certainly not all sweetness. In fact, she's one of my chief button pushers. All my other little girlies are super sweet too, but Sarah's sweetness takes the form of an especially caring spirit and listed below are just a few of the examples.

When my Pop C. passed away this spring Sarah was the one who immediately suggested she would help Nanny C. find another husband. Sarah loved her Pop C. fiercely and was always the first of the littles to give him hugs, so I knew it wasn't that she was eager to replace him. After I assured her that Nanny wasn't going to be looking for a new husband she said, "Well, I'll just give her all the money in my piggy bank so she can buy food." We assured her that Nanny C. was well taken care of and didn't need her money, but how sweet it was for her to sense Nanny's potential need and immediately begin problem solving!

Just a few weeks ago we were in a local pizza place that we visit almost weekly, and all the girls went around the corner and out of my sight. A few minutes later Sarah came back to report, "Mom, I hugged that man in there." I had a mini panic attack and wondered who in the world Sarah had been hugging. When I turned the corner it was obvious that the object of her loving affection had been an older gentleman who was dining with his wife. He smiled and waved to me to let me know he had "been the one". Later Sarah said to me of the stranger, "He just looked like he really needed a hug." He turned out to be the grandfather of the para pro in Ella's room at school who reported that he just couldn't stop talking about that sweet little gal who offered him a hug for no obvious reason.

Last week while I was dropping Ella off at school Maggie, Kate, and Sarah were asking Nanny C. (who graciously comes up here most weekday mornings to stay with MK&S while I drop E at school) if she was on the list of people who can pick Ella up from school. She was telling them that she was a little too old to be driving around with great grandchildren in the car when Sarah told her, "Don't worry Nanny. When I get big and you get old, I'm gonna take good care of you." Nanny was tickled to hear that not only would she be taken care of, but mainly that Sarah doesn't think of her great grandmother as old yet!

The teacher and directors at the preschool Maggie, Kate, and Sarah attend all shared with me last week a story about a new little boy joining their class a little bit late in the year. They said that the new little guy was crying on the first day his parents dropped him off, and Sarah put her arm around him. To comfort him she said, "Don't worry R, we cried at first too."


Anonymous said...

Awww!!! She really is a sweetie!

Laura said...

What a sweet girl! Also, I missed that your Pop C. had passed away last spring. I know it is a little late but I am so sorry to hear about your loss.

Ms. ~K said...

Sweet Sarah, indeed!

Donna said...

She IS a sweetie!!! She may also be a "Heartstrong", like on Sesame Street 20 years ago. In the Heartstrong family, ALL emotions were VERY strong! She feels and believes strongly whatever it is.

Anonymous said...

She is going to be a great person when she grows up!!

Stephanie said...

I can just sense her sweet spirit through your words. What a treasure she is!