Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All About Maggie

We have one little tom boy in our group of girls. Her name is Maggie. She is the one who often declares she's not gettin' married when the others are playing wedding. She's also been known to claim she'll just marry Daddy and stay here forever.

She's a tinker-er. She likes to inspect everything and find out how things work. She refuses to wear tights, and also really hates socks. She doesn't like to try new foods anymore either... boohoo!

Maggie is the funniest little gal I've ever met, and most of the time she is completely easy going. Of all the girls, she's the one who can entertain herself for the longest without any intervention, assistance, or need of an audience... can't say that about the rest of them.

However, when Maggie puts her foot down about something it is usually a standoff. I have been hearing lately from her lots of the following, "When I gwrow up and have my own shilwren and my own house and my own wules.... " and then usually it ends with the opposite of whatever parenting choice I'm presently making. She does what I am asking of her, but she makes it clear that it won't be that way when she's making the decisions! We're still working on having a cheerful heart to go along with compliance. **grin**

She's sharp... so sharp. She reminds me of my brother Adam. She has an incredibly quick wit, doesn't talk very much, but when she does the things that come out of her mouth often astound me. One morning in the preschool drop off line I looked back and realized that she had cinnamon roll from breakfast on her face. So like a good mother (who no longer carries wipes 24/7), I turned around in my seat and tried to clean her up with my own saliva and my hands. Gross, I know. I said, "Maggie you have breakfast all over your face!" as I leaned in to remove it, and Maggie replied, "Well Mom, you have coffee breath!!"

All Maggie wanted last Christmas was a white dog. At the time she got a stuffed white dog, but soon our family is going to be fostering this sweet mama dog named Gracie. She is a European Cream Retriever. When Sarah first saw Gracie's picture she said, "Hooray, Maggie's dream is finally coming true!"

Gracie is a new mama to 7 tiny puppies, and the first time that I took the girls to meet her Maggie asked as we were driving down the road, "Mama, do you suppose Gwacie intends to bwest feed those puppies?" I nearly drove off the road from laughing while driving, but once I recovered I told her she would definitely be breast feeding her pups. Once we arrived Maggie was quick to check and count her "bwesteses" to be sure Gracie would be able to manage to feed them all. She was relieved to find that she had a couple of spares in case any of the puppies is extra hungry!

I'm sure the reason for concern over how Gracie would be feeding her puppies comes from the girls exposure to Kari's feeding precious little Harper. Kari is always very discrete and uses a nursing cover, but boy the first time she fed her in the room with the girls Kari was bombarded with questions.... most of them from Maggie. She wanted to know first and foremost, "Do it huut??" and because she knows a little bit about modesty, "What would you do if it was a boy instead... would you still nuuse him?"

While Maggie could care less about playing wedding, if you give this unusual tomboy a doll you can bet her little shirt will be up in a flash so she can feed her baby. Earlier this week when I got home from dropping Ella off at school Nanny C. was rolling with laughter over the girls and their imaginations. Sarah and Kate were feeding their babies, and Maggie was sitting in the rocking chair wringing her hands and dripping with fake worry. She was spinning a great little tale about being upstairs "pumpin' mulk" for her baby and then hearing her crying downstairs. She declared she had pumped out all her milk and just had no way to make her little one happy. She was asking advice from Nanny and the girls I think.

And as if we haven't been having way too many conversations already about "birds and bees" stuff, Pop Dickie's dog Daisy is in heat. She has an appointment with the vet tomorrow, but she has been locked up in the pen for the last few days. I've been explaining and explaining the best I know how to a bunch of 4 year olds' why Pop doesn't want Daisy to have puppies, why she has to be locked up, and all that good stuff. Thus far I've been honest and left out as much as I can get away with, but I realize this strategy won't work for much longer. Yesterday Maggie picked out Marley and Me as the movie for their afternoon "rest time". I usually just watch along with them and skip over the scenes when Jenny and John are making out. That usually works out, but not yesterday. I happened to be turning over the laundry when Maggie yells from the living room, "Hey Mom... is Jenny in heat?"

Maggie also told me tonight that she wants to have 2 babies when she grows up, but she wants to have them one at a time so the doctors won't have to cut her belly open to get them out.

She's a hoot! I never know what to expect with this one, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


Laura said...

Oh my! That post had me rolling. What a special little girl that Maggie is!

JMT said...

Sounds like there is never a dull moment for you guys these days!

Ms. ~K said...

Can you hear me laughing?

Gracie is beautiful, have fun!