Monday, July 19, 2010

Girly Girls?!?

I often bemoan the girly-ness of our household because I was quite the tom boy myself. I loved Dukes of Hazzard as a kid, but I didn't pretend to be Daisy, I was Luke Duke, thank you very much! I played basketball and softball, and never wore a cheerleader's uniform (unless you count the one pep rally where all the ball players dressed as cheerleaders and vice versa). Suffice it to say, I am the opposite of a girly-girl.

I had a weird dream last night in which I imagined I had my old job back working for "big chemical company". I wasn't going to be at a paper mill this time, but instead some other huge manufacturing facility. After lacing up my steel toe boots, grabbing my ear plugs and safety glasses, and finding my hard hat, I headed out the door for work. I was only a little sick to my stomach as I wandered around inside the facility scoping out all the big equipment with one of the employees. Then the very gruff manager descended upon us and quickly pointed the way to the basement filled with all manner of large, loud, scary looking stuff. He insisted I get straight to work cleaning up the mess the person before me had left with his high dollar equipment.... did I know how much extra work I was going to cause him.... should I not have the boilers ready for inspection the following day he would be happy to replace me, etc, etc. I guess you could say the dream was really a nightmare.

Upon awakening I realized all the more the beauty in the princess costumed, cheerleaders with pompoms ready, fancy ballerinas that I am surrounded by constantly. I thanked God yet again for giving me the opportunity to mother these precious little ones in all their frilly girliness.... and I still hold out some hope that at least one of them will enjoy some of the same activities I did as I was growing up.

But for now I have to head to bed because we have an early morning wake up in order to get 4 sweet girly girls off to cheerleading camp on time. **sigh**


Dorinda said...

Too funny! I have 1 very, very girly-girl; 1 who is okay being a girl and 1 who insists she's a boy :) Kaitlyn is somewhere in between as was I - gotta love it!

I'm sure you'll have a ball player soon - here's hoping anyway... (though who doesn't love cheerleading camp?!)