Monday, July 19, 2010

Before and After... Finally!

A while back I took the girls to Ms. Kim for summertime haircuts. We snapped a few before and after pictures. I can't believe how incredibly scraggly they looked before they got their new do's! Emma wanted to be in the before shot, but she wasn't in need of a haircut..... since her mom is a great hairdresser she always has a cute 'do.

By the time we finally left Emma was done with the girls and having to share her toys so she didn't want to participate in the after shot. Here the girls are lined up: Ella, Kate, Sarah, and Maggie.
So, expect some serious confusion as I finally get around to posting the pictures that have been piling up in my blog files. Many are before the summer hair cuts took place and now there are plenty since... and I will be posting them in no certain order. The crazy long hair will give away just how old some of these posts are! Ah well, at least I'm finally posting some.


danajk said...

Yay for posts!! And what beautiful summer hair cuts!