Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am enjoying cutting our ~3 acres of grass myself so far this year. It helps that the girls will play for hours on the driveway in the waterpillar.... and they don't mind a bit!


Stephanie said...

Fun, fun, fun...in the sun, sun, sun. It appears they're soaking up the summer days. :)

What part of the country do you live in again?


Dorinda said...

Looks like they love it! And the pool too :) Unfortunately here in VA it keeps raining and staying cool - no bathing suits for us yet except on a few random days but we're heading to FL soon and we're excited to be swimming too!

Do the girls always just swim with their floaties? I'm trying to plan for when we're at the pool every day and I have no desire to carry them all in the water!!

Blessing said...

OMG, your kids are adorable!!!!


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casual friday every day said...

What a fun summer day!