Sunday, May 16, 2010

Here Comes Summertime

The girls are loving the pool so far this year. They also love hanging out with little Miss Emma.

See... she's just one of the gang.

Tomorrow is Ella's very last day of preschool... ever!

In other news, Ella has started reading. She is able to read all of her BOB books, and she can sound out a hand full of other books. This past week she read her first ever book to the little girls. When she finished there was a chorus of cheers from her 3 biggest fans in the world. They were so proud of her.... and my heart almost exploded!!


Stephanie said...

I'm not quite ready for summer. Summer in AZ means 90+ degree temps. We need a pool. ;)

These photos of your girls are very sweet (and how wonderful that your firstborn is reading!).

Lara said...

I really love that second picture of all of them sitting by the pool. The epitome of summer right there!

casual friday every day said...

Look at those girls! What a big happy family.