Sunday, November 29, 2009

Four Silly Sisters On Weddings

Scott, Ella, and I had a night away back in October when we attended the wedding of one of Scott's buddies from Iraq. Ella was fascinated with the idea of weddings, parties, receptions.... remember all the talk about brides and brooms?!?

Ella and I really didn't know anyone there at the wedding except each other and Scott, but fortunately the groom had several cute little nieces who were excited to have another new friend to dance with.

Ella enjoyed the wedding ceremony. She soaked it all in and asked a bunch of questions. She has finally learned to whisper, thank goodness! She also loved dancing with her daddy.... but her favorite part was the wedding cake at the reception.

Scott had a good time hanging out with some of the guys he spent the last year with in Iraq, and I just enjoyed having a relatively quiet evening out with two of my favorite people in the world!

All the wedding talk leading up to our trip brought about lots of pretend play and dress up weddings. One afternoon when I arrived at Kay's house to pick up the girls I found them dressed as bride and bridesmaids. They quickly handed me a jacket, slacks, and black dress shoes so I could pwretend the broom.

Even still, over a month later they ask to play weddings and discuss it a bunch. We've even gotten out mine and Scott's wedding album and poured through it hundreds of times. As you can imagine one of the biggest questions they have is about the flower girl. At our family Thanksgiving gathering I pointed out the fact that my now grown cousin Callie was the little flower girl in our wedding. Sarah looked deep into my eyes and said, "Mom, if you'll let me wear your really, really, real veil and your really, really, real wedding dress when I get married I'll let you be MY flower girl"! So sweet... I'm sure it gives their Daddy heart palpitations to think about all the weddings in our future!!