Saturday, July 18, 2009

First Weekend Back

We've had a great week with Scott home. We are at the beach now, but everyone is napping and I decided to get back to blogging before the pictures are more than I can handle.

We welcomed Scott home with a gathering of our extended family last Sunday evening. It was actually a welcome home/ July birthdays celebration/ pool party/ low country boil.... yummy!

The girls and I took Scott on a hike to Anna Ruby Falls so that they could show Daddy how much better they are about hiking now that a year has passed. The last time Scott and I took the girls to Anna Ruby we had to take the triple stroller and there was still whining, but this time the girls were all little troopers and hiked the whole way on their own! It is so exciting that we're able to do fun things like this now!!

The whole weekend was a whirlwind, and I'm pretty sure that Scott was not prepared for the volume level in our home.... even though I'd warned him to bring his best ear plugs. He's adjusting and so are we.


danajk said...

I bet the noise is music to his ears. . . So happy for ALL 6 of you!