Sunday, July 5, 2009

Best Fireworks Ever

Saturday night the girls, Mimi, and I met John and Mike on Lake Burton for the fireworks show.
We were a bit early so we spent a little time letting the girls have a shot at driving the boat. They all promptly drove us in circles.... it was too funny because they each thought they were doing the best boat driving job ever!

There was plenty of beautiful scenery, tons of giggling, and just an overall good time. I would have never imagined that seeing fireworks from the middle of a lake with thousands of other boats all around would be the best fireworks show ever, but it absolutely was!

It might have been due to the amazing fireworks display itself, or perhaps it was the nearly full moon shining on the calm lake below, but most likely it was the best fireworks display every because my heart was already so full of gratitude to God that Scott is safe and on his way home!

*** Scott is at Ft. Dix until the end of this week, but he's due home to us by the weekend!


Sab Mad said...

Sounds and looks beautiful! Praying that your week flies by!!

Ms. ~K said...

I'm feeling your excitement!

Dorinda said...

Praise God you made it the whole year! You are an amazing mom and an amazing woman. Enjoy your new life WITH him - yea!

And happy 4th - the boat pictures are hilarious :)

Laura said...

That sounds amazing! Hurry up Friday!!!