Monday, June 15, 2009

Got Drama?

In a house with 5 girls.... of course we've got drama! And here are just a couple of short snippets of it as heard in the house of Four Silly Sisters.

Ella was yawning as we were driving down the road yesterday afternoon, and I jokingly told her she was going to have to stop that. She piped up from her throne, or tall carseat in the back of the Expedition with, "But Moooooom, I just can't leee-uhv (live) without yawning!"
Sarah has started demanding answers to her questions of her sisters lately, and it is not at all uncommon to hear her ask repeatedly of one of the others, "So, do you like my outfit... YES or NO, YES or NO?!?"
There is not one single blaring example of Kate's excellent dramatic skills these days because just about everything about her screams drama... sun up to sun down.
Maggie noticed that Sarah tore the Sunday paper at Nanny and Pop's yesterday afternoon while she was drawing on it with a pencil. With loads of emotion over it Maggie said, "Oh dear mercy!!" Kate dropped a box of dominoes and it made a loud crash, and Maggie said, "Oh dear mercy!!" Each time it is delivered with such drama that I truly wish I could capture it on video.
As we were getting out of the car one night last week in the dark Maggie looked up and said, "Well golly neds, would you take a look at that moon?"
I'm not sure who is responsible for all the hilarious expressions that they are picking up, but rest assured I'm paying attention and will find the culprit. In the mean time, I'm truly enjoying myself and doing more than my fair share of laughing these days!


Tara said...

Those girls are too funny.

Kim said...

Ummm... I think we all know who is filling our children with such colorful expressions! You know We love it though. It is quite hilarious. At least yours will say it with correct grammar!!! ;)

Laura said...

I love it! I wish that our drama was associated with such hilarity instead of tantrums.

danajk said...

I love little drama queens!

Candace Hickey said...

funny!! I can relate to some of this drama....thank goodness I have 1 boy in my crew!

Denise Wheeler said...

Oh my! That is hilarious!

Dorinda said...

They are way too funny! I have no idea where your girls get all their sayings :) Love when you share.