Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Adventures

Well, it wasn't really much of an adventure, but we did have a very short storm that caused 2 trees to fall between our house and Nanny and Pop's house where we were hanging out with the family. When I mentioned our inability to travel the half a mile home both Nanny and Pop said in the nicest of ways that they would find a way... somehow, some way. Uncle Joe ended up pushing the trees out of the road with a tractor and we made it home safely.

But not before making some pictures with the girls and my cousins. Family is so wonderful!

Ella with Erica

Nathan and Sarah
Greg and Cayden, Erica and Ella, Will and Maggie, Lauren and Kate, Nathan and Sarah

Sweet girls.... can you believe how tall the corn is already?

Lauren and Kate

Our Father's Day was certainly missing a very special someone, but it won't be long now until Scott is home!! The countdown has begun.


Mary said...

Hooray for the final countdown! So happy you all will be together as a family again SOON! We will continue to pray for Scott's safe return.

danajk said...

Yay, countdown!!
I know that all you girls will be so glad to have your soldier home again.