Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let the Clothing Battles Begin.....

Sarah and I butted heads all day long yesterday when it came to dressing. Both times we headed out the door she had a screaming, crying fit over what she was wearing.

She wanted to pick out her own outfit. I was fine with that, but she was being painfully indecisive and even when I narrowed things down for her that didn't seem to help.

While attempting to follow my Love and Logic techniques, I truly thought we were going to head out the door the second time with Sarah wearing nothing but undies and crocodile tears. (She didn't, by the way. Thankfully she had a last minute epiphany of sorts.)

After bath time last night the dressing drama was getting started yet again. I decided to try and make it a complete non-issue, but that only resulted in everyone else being dressed for bed and ready to read while Sarah was still "makin' a choice" 30 minutes later.

Finally Sarah looked at Kate and said that she wanted the jammies Kate was wearing. I said, "No way, Kate made her choice early on, and she's been wearing these for a while already." Sarah said, "... but mom, those are actually vehwee pecial to me." I busied myself trying not to crack up laughing.

At that point I think Kate felt sorry for me and decided to play along. She said, "Oh I'd rather wear the purple heart ones anyway Mehwee Beff (yeah, she's calling me by my first name lots these days)", and she said it with lots of syrupy fake-ness. Never the less Sarah was suckered in and immediately changed her tune. She decided the purple hearts would be just fine for the night! Score one for Kate and one for Mommy!! Thanks Kate!

As Sarah got dressed in the purple jammies, I would almost swear that Kate winked at me to go along with her million dollar knowing grin.


Tara said...

ok that is hilarious. 1) being that Sarah is so into what she is wearing and 2) that Kate is such a smart kid and already knows who's side to take. Oh, and calling you by first name...funny.

Laura said...

Sarah is definitely a strong willed little girl. Love that Kate was your co-conspirator in the jammie issue.