Monday, May 18, 2009

Church Camping Trip Spring 2009

The girls followed up a very late night on Friday last week while I was on my girls night out with another very late night on Saturday as the five of us went over to Tugaloo State Park and met up with a large group of folks from church who were camping there.

Oh, and we managed to squeeze in a friend's 4th birthday party that afternoon before hand. That means we compounded the lack of sleep with too much sugar, traveling for around an hour, more of the too much sugar and junk, lots of fun and fellowship, and then another hour car ride home. I carried four sleeping beauties in to bed on Saturday night way past bedtime and dropped them without brushing their teeth or even changing their dirty clothes! Nobody even blinked or rolled over.

Perhaps that was a little Mother's Day gift to me because the behavior that I got out of the girls the following day was exactly what I expected.... BAD! Happy Mother's Day to me. We always have a great time when we visit the church campers. The girls beg to stay.

I understand the draw.... there are lots of kiddos and no shortage of fun. There are friends and cousins, and friends who are cousins.... aren't we blessed?

Wrapping up, I know I say this every time, but I think we really should give "camping" a shot once Scott is home from Iraq. I mean, they can't be any worse the following day if we stay overnight in a tent, right?


Robin said...

Growing up, I have never liked, let alone loved, camping. Yet, when my oldest (of two girls) was in her Girls Scout years, I found my self volunteering as leader. Of course there was camping, and of course I had to repeat all this for my younger daughter, but I found that when there are many involved....MANY! tends to be quite fun. I actually enjoyed the time spent. Also, it doesn't hurt to be the one in charge and be able to pick and choose camp sites and equipment. :-)

Petula said...

Looks like lots of fun.