Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Very Untimely....

Untimely indeed, but I felt like I should publicly thank the people at Caring Corners who not only sent us a wonderful Mrs. Goodbee Talking Dollhouse to review way back in October (which the girls thoroughly enjoyed), but also sent one for us to give away to another family over the holiday season..... even if the acknowledgement is about a month late!

There were record numbers of people signed up to participate in our county's White Christmas this year on the receiving end, so I was very happy to be able to help even if just a little.

Together with the dollhouse and accessory set, we also purchased a few items to make Christmas just a little bit brighter for another family . I searched for a family with little girls close in age to mine since they enjoyed it so much! My girls did most of this shopping with me.

I would love to report that they were as excited during the "shopping for others" and "giving to those less fortunate" portions of the holidays as I was.... Instead I had to do lots of explaining when displaying all the goodies for the photo above before packing them up to send away last month.

They were, however, happy to give to one another this year which was evidenced by Ella's insistence on personally getting something for each of her sisters and myself. Perhaps by next year they will be mature enough to enjoy giving to those whom they have never even met.

Thanks again to the people at Learning Curve for the opportunity!


Laura said...

They'll definitely get it before too long. What a great lesson you are teaching them already about giving to others.