Thursday, January 1, 2009

Constant Chatter

Last night the girls and I celebrated the change of year by going to a party.... crazy, I know. They were up until almost 9:30pm, and I'm pretty sure that is the latest they've ever been up. All the way home they kept saying, "It's so dark..... it's so dark!" We all had a blast, and I didn't mind in the slightest ringing in the new year from the safety and comfort of my own, warm bed.

Kate has been pretty chatty today, and I have heard a thousand things that I want to remember. Unfortunately I didn't write any of them down..... but, I did manage to hold onto one. As I was helping her down the stairs at Mimi's house tonight she said, "Mom, would you pwease hold my lef hand?" I guess she got it from Ella who has been trying with all her might to remember her right from her left these last couple of days. It was just too cute coming from Kate.

Sarah decided this morning that she really wants to go to pweschool with Ella when she starts back next week. *Yep, Ella has decided that she really misses Ms. Kelli and can't wait to get back so she can use her scissors!* Sarah is insistent that she should be in Ella's class... "the other kids won't mind".

Maggie has some serious issues with socks. We discovered a few days ago that things go much smoother when it is time to get them on if she is allowed to do it all by her big self. This afternoon when we were getting ready to head out she grabbed her socks and shoes and headed into her bed room. When I turned to follow, she looked me square in the eye and said, "Mom, I gonna need some pwivacy!"

Perhaps tomorrow I'll do a blog review of 2008?!? But for now, I hope everyone had a very wonderful New Year's Day!


Anonymous said...

Great Pictures. My 4 stayed up till midnight. Needless to say they were all in bed on time tonight.
Happy New Year! Here's to looking forward to the end of deployments!!

Sammy'smommy said...

Cute pics, even cuter sayings. Yeah who says you have to be out to celebrate the new year? I celebrated in bed too:-)

Denise Wheeler said...

Cute pictures. Too funny the things those girls are coming up with these days.

Dorinda said...

I hope you are having a great year already! My older two stayed up till midnight - the younger 3 were off to bed :) So we had a "party" with grandma, grandpa, aunt Kim and Uncle Daniel - what a party!

But when we asked the kids last night what their favorite part of Christmas break was Caleb said New Years and staying up till midnight :) I buy him presents, take him to Sea World and his favorite part is staying up late?! Go figure.

kailani said...

You have the most adorable children! It's always a treat for them to stay up late. Hope you have a wonderful new year!