Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Recent Happenings

I've got about 10 posts already written and on hold in my drafts box... lots of stuff to write about and finish up and post, but tonight I just wanted to play catch up with the little things and a couple of pictures because that's what Scott is missing from Iraq. He's not necessarily as interested in the latest item we've reviewed or the giveaways and the like. He just wants to know about his girls, so here it is:

Sunday evening we had what will likely be the last impromptu cookout for the season by the pool at Mimi and Pop's. Of course, it was too cold for swimming and the pool's already covered, but the weather was nice enough for us to hang out in the cabana while Pop Dickie cooked on the grill. It was a completely spur of the moment gathering, and I think that made it even more fun!

For the last week Maggie, Kate, and Sarah have only napped about every other day. They are very, very tired and I am right there with them. I have no idea what the key to napping is, but I at least make them rest for an hour in their room. (By rest I actually mean, play like wild indians until someone gets hurt and starts screaming bloody murder, at which point I go in and shoo everyone back to their own beds.) Some triplet moms have suggested separating them for nap time, but with our set up and space it is just not possible. So we are beginning down the slippery slope toward no naps, and I'm not excited about it.... not in the least.

Mimi, my right hand man, left this morning for Memphis to visit Kari for a few days. I've know she was going to be gone, so I tried to plan out our time wisely. Tuesday is our Kindermusik day. The girls love Kindermusik and were therefore not too much trouble for me to feed and dress all by myself this morning. We picked up lunch on our way home. After lunch and a failed attempt at a nap, we loaded back into the car for a trip to the YMCA. Only after we drove the 20 miles there did I discover that the child watch area is open from 8a-12p and again from 4p-8p. So, at 1:30pm it was closed! Hey, I'm new there, so I will get those hours figured out soon!! We ended up just playing outside on the playground for a little while.

After the 48 degree weather became too much for us, what with our summer blood and all, we decided to go on to the nearest mall and ride the carousel. I needed a pair of tennis shoes. I decided that since I am the mother of all these children I am going to have to get used to taking them places on my own eventually, and Lord knows I didn't want to go straight home and face an afternoon full of whining (due to no naps previously mentioned) all on my own. We used the monkey/puppy backpack harnesses, and they worked about as well as they always do. The girls were tripping all over each other, getting into tangled messes every couple of feet, and occasionally one of them would fall while the other three ran in the other direction. However, it was the only safe way for me to take them on my own, so that's how we did it.

We entered near the carousel and found it to be closed. I pressed on to the shoe store. The hardest part was getting past the jewelry that was displayed on open tables in the middle of Sears, I think, for the holidays. Once we found the section of the shoe store that I wanted to check out, I made the girls sit down. I figured if they wouldn't be still I could always stand on the leashes while I checked out the shoes. Luckily I'm the quickest, most easy to please tennis shoe customer in the whole wide world. I picked out a new version of the same tennis shoe I've been wearing since the week after the girls came home from the hospital (yes, that long), tried it on, and that was done. I had the girls each sit in a chair while I waited in line to pay and then we were off.

Back past the jewelry displays and the gawkers in the mall. Back past the still closed carousel. We stopped for a cookie and then made it awkwardly, albeit safely, back to the Expedition. On the way home Maggie and Kate got a quick cat nap.

We had an early dinner, and Donna helped with early baths. Then I put them to bed at 7pm. At 8pm, after lots of screaming, yelling, stripping out of their clothes and diapers (back to their old tricks, had to bust out the duct tape again), and finally about 5 minutes of serious angst because they'd thrown their pacis over the gate, I returned their lovies and pacis, and put them back in bed for the final time tonight. I think the serious crying is what finally made them tired enough to fall asleep!!

Now I'm off to bed myself. I'll get the rest of my back logged posts and a couple of videos uploaded and posted soon... hopefully, if they nap or go to bed at a decent hour any time soon.


Mandy said...

I think my girls are officially done with naps. I just switched them to toddler beds (I know you already did this) and they are at least happy to be in their room with their newfound freedom. They have been alert and happy all day with no naps, so I guess we're ready. In answer to your question about bedtime: It is always the same whether they nap or not -- between 6:30 and 7 PM. They wake up around 7 or 7:30 in the morning.

I just realized this past week that they probably would have been done with naps a while ago, but they were being quiet for each other in case the other one was sleeping. Sometimes they were, and sometimes they weren't. One nap, I got Gwyn up and left Maddie sleeping. Apparently Maddie woke up, but thought Gwyn was still in bed and laid their quietly until I finally came and got her--at 4 PM!!!

Sorry for the long comment. I really sympathize with your situation. I will probably end the quiet time when they start to destroy their room. They're already running amok! (I'm sure you can relate--like really loud monkeys crashing around.)

Tara said...

I love it! I love the everyday recaps. No matter how crazy our life seems yours is always way more more interesting!!! You are a total champ no matter how much it doesn't seems like it some days. I love these kinds of post and I'm sure Scott enjoys them too.

Denise Wheeler said...

I am sorry they are fighting naps. Two of mine have been for a while. It makes for a long day full of crankies. Hey, at least you got your new shoes. My tennis shoes are 4 years old. I have found it to be a little more difficult these days to get out with the trio alone. I hate it because I have always done it alone. Time to find a friend a guess.

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

All I can say is wow. I don't have energy for any of that. My hubby is going away for a few days for work so I get to see what your life is like. I'm scared.