Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Raising Responsible Citizens

Last night when I sat down to bring Scott up to date on our daily lives here on the blog, I failed to mention anything about Monday. It was not an oversight... I just couldn't remember a thing about Monday. My memory, it isn't so great!

This morning as we were driving over to Kay-Kay's house the girls reminded me where we went Monday. From the back of the Expedition Maggie, Kate, and Sarah were discussing our trip to the "cork-house", or courthouse if you are over the age of 3.

Mimi and I met up at our local courthouse on Monday morning for early voting. Ella was at school, but M,K,&S got to make their first trip there. They were incredibly excited about "boting". So excited that I was a little worried we would disturb some of the other early voting patrons, but really no one seemed to mind. They reminded me of the first trip Ella made to vote. She kept asking who I was "boating for".... and everyone was so impressed that she could talk, let alone the fact that she cared who I was casting my ballot for, not that she really knew who was on there.

Every time I've voted in the local elections I've taken all the girls with me. I think it is very, very important for them to know that casting their vote after educating themselves on the candidates and the issues is part of being a responsible citizen.

While I think it is very important that everyone of voting age make their voices heard at the polls, I really don't enjoy all the politicking and campaigning and voicing of opinions that goes along with a presidential campaign. So, I won't be sharing who I voted for... in fact, I think FrugalDad summed up my thoughts exactly in his post about this year's election. Check it out if you have a minute!

Happy Wordy Wednesday for a change...


Lauren said...

Good for you! I usually vote on my way to work, so I do not have my girls with me. Our polling place is only a block and a half away so I am planning to take the girls next week in the wagon to go vote. I know my 18 month old wil have no clue what is going on, but I plan to explain everything to my three year old before hand and then once again as we are doing it. I think that it is important to teach your children about this important right that we have. It also instills in them a sense of respect for our country. I can remember going to vote with my mom as a child.

Family Oliver said...

That's awesome, MB.