Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time

Whoever wrote the Christmas song that goes, "It's the most wonderful time of the year...." got it all wrong, in my humble opinion. Fall is the absolute best season of the year here in the South. It is cool at night and in the mornings, but we've spent every single minute of our time in the afternoons outside lately.

The girls still insist on wearing their flip flops instead of "real" shoes, so I foresee having to hide them one day soon to put an end to that.... just like I did with Ella's precious crocs late last fall. Then perhaps with jackets and tennis shoes we could expand our outside time to include the mornings as well.... (Mommy's doing the happy dance!!)

I think the girls are going to love fall as much as I do. A neighbor gave us these huge pumpkins, and thankfully Pop Dickie was able to help us get them onto the front porch. Ella's been telling the little girls all about our fall traditions, so we'll still have to take Maggie, Kate, and Sarah to a "punkin' patch" before the end of the month, but we've got plenty of people who are ready to go with us.... should be lots more action than last year's trip even though we'll miss Scott this go around.

Speaking of Scott, last night the girls opened a wonderful surprise that came in the mail yesterday. Scott took the time while in Kuwait on his way to Iraq to stop by the USO and record himself reading 2 books on DVD for the girls. The folks from the USO put the DVD and both the books he read into a package and mailed them to us. The girls were so excited to see their Daddy on the screen that they were kissing his image while he was reading away. Then they all started chanting, "I want to see my Daddy real!" I recorded their reactions to seeing the video for the first time and sent a link to Scott. Through all their excitement, and the many times we've watched the video, I don't think they've heard a word he's said, but it's enough to hear the sound of his voice. We're hoping he'll find the time and a couple more children's books to do this again soon!

Thank you Scott for still making the girls and I a priority while you are what feels like zillions of miles away! We love and miss you!!!!


Diana said...

Bless your hearts!
May God keep your husband safe and return him to you home healthy, whole and well quickly.
Thank you all for the sacrifices you make for our country.
Be blessed in Jesus' name!

Tara said...

That is so sweet of Scott. I know this deployment is not going to be easy but so far you seem to handling it like a champ! It still stinks though and I am keeping you all in my prayers.

Brandi said...

I agree, fall is defintely the best time of year!

On another note, I dreamt last night that Sarah came over to spend the night with Raegan. The next day Joe and I took them to six flags and since they were too little to really ride anything, I kept making Joe play games and win them toys. We left with a trash bag full of those giant stuffed animals. I guess I should mention that I have really weird dreams when I'm pregnant. Anyway, I thought it was funny.

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Awww, that is so sweet. I bet its hard for them to understand why he is on the tv and not at home.

I love the pumpkin photos. They look so happy.

Ms. ~K said...

Adorable pictures!!!
Ella looks just like you in the middle picture...
Love to you all.

Dorinda said...

Oh they are so cute. What they say and how they look. I love it. I can't wait till my girls are talking more! Still not so much except for Julianna who talks non-stop. And today learned to "meow" - oh that was pleasant!!

I'm trying to write down what they all say. Why is it so hard??

I'm so glad that you are keeping in touch with Scott as you are. How is he doing? How are you holding up?

The Stephens said...

MaryBeth, what great pictures ! You are right! It truely is a great time of year.

What an amazing Daddy to keep himself so close to you and the girls. We are grateful for him keeping us safe and the sacrifice it has on you and the girls. Much love and many prayers

JMT said...

We enjoyed our pumpkin patch trip this weekend. I hope you guys have one soon. It is fun for all.

Laura said...

Those are great photos of the girls. What a great gift to receive in the mail from daddy! I am sure that he loved getting to see their reactions to the dvd.

Denise Wheeler said...

Ok, I am waaaay behind. I love the pumpkin pictures. Too cute and they look so happy.