Thursday, October 2, 2008

And the Winner Is...

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Comment number 7! Just kidding, I won't make you go back and count comments... my sweet fellow multiple mommy friend Annie and her four babies are the winners of our K'NEX Sesame Street Canister.

I still remember reading a message from her way, way back when on our Yahoo Same Age Group Triplets and More Page that, "SURPRISE, she was not having triplets after all. She had a stow away baby in there!!" So at 29 weeks, I think, she found out she was going to be a quad momma instead and something like 2 weeks later they arrived?!? Are my facts correct, Ann? I wonder how often that happens? Fortunately my babies had already arrived at that point or I myself would have had a panic attack!!

Email me your address when you get a chance so that I can have it shipped out to you. Hope your little cuties enjoy building as much as mine do!


Denise Wheeler said...

No kidding! Congrats to Ann. Since she and I were so close in our pregnancies, when I told my hubby he said he wanted them to do another ultrasound to make sure we didn't have a stow away.

Annie said...

OMG-Denise, that is funny! Yes, you got the story perfect! And would you believe, my stowaway, Katie, is really the only one to resemble me? It took a "surprise" to have one look like me!!!! :) But, I have to say, she is the best "surprise" I could have ever got!!!!
I'm so excited that we won!