Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun on the Farm

It has almost been a week already since we spent the morning over at the barn introducing our until then "virtual friends" the Unterwagner triplets to farm life. Actually, like Whitney said, we started our day at Babyland General Hospital. The girls and I have been there, on average, twice a month for the last year, so the most exciting thing about it that day was finally meeting in real life someone who helped me tremendously when the babies were little. Whitney was the person whose advice I sought regarding getting the girls on a good sleeping schedule.... well, hers and Dr. Weissbluth, author of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. At the time, he was attempting to include a Parents of Multiples section in a revised version of his book. I emailed back and forth with him some, but it was especially nice to be able to chat with someone who was a few months ahead of where I was going with triplets of her own.

Sorry, I digress....

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce Whitney and Brian's trio to life in the country. Addie, Beckett, and Finn all took right to the idea and jumped straight into the trough with Sarah, Kate, and Maggie to check out the calves and stray chicken.

I have to admit that the little calves were pretty accommodating and stayed fairly close while all the kiddos stood in the feed trough and studied them through the rails.

After they satisfied their curiosity about calves, we took them up to the tractor shed and everyone, including Brian, got to sit on one of Joe's tractors.

We rode over there in our usual vehicle... the mule. However, it was somewhat difficult to wrangle six 2 year olds, one 3 year old, and four adults on that thing.... now THAT would have been a picture! The ride back to Mimi and Pop's house on the mule was when we experienced our only crying of the day. I think at least once child (namely Ella) was crying the whole way back, and she was joined off and on by one or two others.

After checking out the cows, tractors, and chickens, and the return trip on the mule drama, we spent a few minutes playing with the cars and in the sand before it was time for all the 2 year old crowd to have a nap. The girls were absolutely worn out, but I think they had a good time. Most importantly, we hope that our friends enjoyed their visit to the country and that they'll come back again real soon!


Tara said...

sounds like a fun day! Six 2 year olds??? Jeez lousise.

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Oh, I wish my kids had triplets their age to play with. That looks like so much fun. I bet the girls enjoyed showing off their animals.

In answer to your question on my blog, Ashlyn actually is pretty good about entertaining herself, most of the time. Once in a while she insists on sitting on my lap at the computer and asking a million questions. Like she'll point to a random advertisement and say "who's that?" and "what are they doing?"

Denise Wheeler said...

MB, that sounds like a lot of fun. How wonderful that you had someone to give you some advise for those early days. Even better that you can get the 6 munchkins together now.