Tuesday, June 17, 2008

VBS 2008

All four of the girls attended Vacation Bible School at our church last week. It started each night with dinner at 6pm and ended with a closing meeting at just before 9pm. Our normal bedtime here for all the girls is around 7:30pm, so except for the first night, we never quite made it to the closing gatherings. The part that we were there for was thoroughly enjoyable, and I thought that these pictures pretty fairly depict each of the girls personalities these days. Let me explain:

Below is a photo of Kate, who at the time had busted into a class full of older kids (mostly girls) during their music time. She is totally enamoured with slightly older kids and loved being the center of these two sweethearts' attention. You may have to click on the photo and make it larger to see the huge smile that she had plastered on her face... she loved it!

Next to Ella, Sarah is by far the most stubborn child we've got. Here she was digging her heels in and refusing to go inside the fellowship hall for crafts. She would rather "do her own thing"... in her cute new pink tennis shoes, of course.

Maggie's picture doesn't quite say as much about her personality these days as it does about the fact that she is the child most likely to sleep well if given the opportunity. Clearly here, by the second night of being up way too late she was a zombie! My new favorite characteristic that Maggie has is the way she changes both her tone and her face when she is intending to impress a certain degree of seriousness upon you in conversation. Imagine a most serious tone coming from one so small and hearing her say, "It's too ha ta do, mama." That means too hard to do, and often just that Maggie is unwilling to do whatever has been asked... but the degree of seriousness with which she delivers the comment almost makes me laugh every single time.

Ella's picture below shows how tiny she is compared to the other kids in her class... except her sisters. That didn't stop her from soaking in every bit of Bible school this year. She emulated the older girls and really enjoyed having a turn at being the leader occasionally. Her best friend Campbell from Tennessee was here for VBS, but unfortunately just like last year I didn't get any pictures of the two of them together. I didn't have as much time or any spare hands this year to carry my camera around with me all the time because I stayed pretty busy chasing Maggie, Kate, and Sarah as they bounced from one wall to the next.

Even though Maggie, Kate, and Sarah were probably too young to attend formally this year, I know that they were getting the lessons. They were actually paying attention during the music portion and learned the little song that their class performed. It's called I Know My God Is Real. It has a catchy tune, and I can't seem to get it out of my head...yep, stuck in there since last Wednesday, but one day over the weekend I was singing it to them and forgot the third line. When I stopped singing because I forgot what was next, Sarah started saying I give ship, I give ship, and wouldn't you know she was trying to tell me the next line... I will give Him my worship! These girls amaze me with something nearly every day.

Thank you Ms. Carly for organizing VBS this year and allowing all my girls to attend, and a huge thank you to our teacher, the wonderful Ms. Amy, who handled 15 children almost 2 to 5 year olds like it was no big deal!!


Misty said...

How sweet! I just love the pictures. Isn't amazing how different their personalities can be?
Oh, and thanks for commenting on JuJu. She is such a hoot. Talk about your stubborn one! And a temper! Though I think that is what she needed to get where she is now.
I just want to say again, how much I enjoy your blog and you sweet little girls.

Dorinda said...

I want a VBS the girls can go to! That would be fun. Caleb just started last year so I think the girls have a while :(

And your girls are talking so well. I know they're a few months older then my girls (right?) but my girls seem far behind on talking. I love all the little sentences and "baby" talk. Hopefully we'll catch up soon.

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Ashlyn did VBS last week too. She loved it. I agree, your kids do seem to be advanced in speech. My 3 don't talk near as much as Ashlyn did at their age. I blame it on them being multiples. Your girls are as cute as always.

CMB said...

HELLO! I have returned. Sorry, I too have been crazy busy. I just caught up. The girls are adorable - as ever. I loved your Father's Day post. So sweet. Hope you are having a good week.

Tara said...

I love those pink sneakers! That kid has style.