Friday, June 29, 2007

Vacation Bible School

Ella and Lily ride the train

Landon enjoys the ride

More kiddos enjoying the train

Dusty and Bee- All aboard

This has been a milestone week for Ella. She has enjoyed for the first time a small taste of school... vacation Bible school, that is. It has been lots of fun to watch her interact with all the other children, and other adults too. She has been pretty sheltered up until this point. I'm afraid that going forward she is going to be totally bored to be stuck here in this house with only her sisters to entertain. The nights have been awfully late, 6-9pm VBS put us home and in bed way past her usual 8pm bedtime. She has been coping by actually taking an afternoon nap again for the week. Hopefully we'll be able to stick with the naps and get back to the early bed time soon. We have really had fun; I'll post more pictures after the play day tomorrow morning.
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