Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Fun

Ella and I finally got around to making that fruity play dough yesterday afternoon. It turned out great!! She enjoyed making it with me, and in only five minutes it was ready to go. We made four different fruity smelling colors so that there would be plenty to go around when Maggie, Kate, and Sarah woke up from their naps. Below is a picture of the mess that ensued when they were finally unleashed to play with it this morning. I hate the smell of regular play dough so this smells extra good by comparison, and it is an added bonus that I don't really have to worry if the munchkins put it in their mouths... I know what's in it because I put it there. As you can see they had a blast.

After our play dough adventure, we moved our little party out to our back playroom. Kate insisted on driving to the beach, but no one was interested in going with her.

Instead, the rest of the gang wanted to get out the jumpy house. I was too lazy to clean up the playroom (or "help" them do it), so we set it up outside for an hour or so of jumping pleasure.

I could tell the jumping outside novelty had worn off when I came outside after a water break to find all three of the little girls in the corner investigating who only knows what?!?

What ever it was kept Kate's attention much longer than it did the others, but Sarah stayed close by to hear about her observations.

We've been filling our afternoons with lots of pool time to wear the girls out lately. They are actually so much fun to take to Mimi's pool these days that we often swim both morning and afternoon. These shots are from yesterdays' after nap swimming round. The whole crew on the steps waiting to yell "READY... NOT" and dive in. Oops, Maggie got ahead of herself!

Sarah enjoys floating and swimming on her back.

Maggie likes to jump in and "make BIG splash".

Kate seems to be the dare devil of the group where the pool is concerned. She truly isn't happy with her jumps unless at least her face goes under water. She putters around the entire pool like she is a fish or something.

Ella is quite proficient at swimming in 2 swimmies now a days, so she's decided to challenge herself and swim with only one swimmie. Therefore, I don't have photos of her doing her thing in the pool because when she is only wearing one swimmie mommy has to help her stay afloat... at least part of the time.

After supper last night we took a walk around the subdivision nearest our house. It was a very pleasant time filled with lots of chatter about the fun activities of the day... until we came upon a couple of the neighbor dogs. Wouldn't you know it, the smallest one of the bunch came up behind Scott and bit him on the calf before we even knew what was going on. It didn't take a chunk out or anything, just four small puncture wounds and a huge bruise, but I'm not too thrilled about walking out that way with the girls in their strollers again any time soon. Perhaps tonight we'll take another route because the evening stroll is very good family time.


Whitney said...

The girls look so big in those pictures! Thanks for the idea about the playdo. I think we will do that this week!


Kim said...

How on earth do you guys have so much time and take naps and sleep at night! We had a great time today swimming with Ella, but we missed the other girls bunches. We've been taking evening strolls too, it helps Emma unwind before bed. They are super cute in the swimming pictures!

Ashley said...

Hi there! I'm here via BlogHer Ads. The picture of your daughter floating on her back is priceless! I love it!

Amanda L said...

They are turning into little fish. I figured Maggie would be the pool daredevil since she loves to jump off the diving board. Lake on Friday???

Misty said...

Wow, what busy days! How do you like the bounce house? I keep thinking of getting one! I wish we were close to a pool, but then it would usually be just me & them, aaaahhh!
Looks like lots of fun over there!

Triplet Mama said...

Your girls are having the best summer ever!!!!
And I love how Ella is playing with Playdoh in a pretty white dress ;). Woud you mind posting the recipe for the dough?
Also, when you guys first started going to the pool, how did you handle all three or did you have help? I just don't know how mine will like the pool this year, like what if one or two don't want to be in the water, and then I have one/two that wants to, you know what I mean...