Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Blogging

I started our little family blog exactly one year and one week ago today. Since I was at the beach and computer less last Tuesday, I didn't have a chance to celebrate this milestone.

I am tickled with all the new people I've "met" thus far through blogging. I've thoroughly enjoyed commiserating sharing the journey with so many of my fellow same age group triplet moms. It amazes me how much we all seem to have in common regardless of our particular parenting styles, geographic locations, ages, etc. It is both exciting, inspiring, and frightening to read the hilarious antics of The Amazing Trips, Lots of Scotts, and so many others and imagine what life might be like in a year or two for us. I've even added a few "in real life" friends to the blog roll over the past year, and with four kids in the house sometimes the blog is the best way to keep in touch with folks... even the ones I should be picking up the phone and calling instead!

Most of all, I am thrilled to have documented an entire year's worth of precious pictures, milestones reached, and funny things that these girls say! I'm afraid I was blessed with my mom's memory... let's just say neither of us is going to be winning any memory contests anytime soon! I'm starting work on my Blurb book right away so that I will have a hard copy version of this year's blog for each of the girls to keep. Then, one day when they want to know when they did this or that, what they liked/ disliked at this age, and all the silly things that went on in this house when they were small we can all sit down together and look it up in a book because goodness knows I certainly won't be able to tell them without it!

Happy Blogging!! Here's to another great year...


Candace said...

Mary Beth,

I for one have thoroughly enjoyed your blog - keeping up with you all since your move!

You were the inspiration to start our own family blog - which you've noticed gets a little behind at times.... but it's still fun to go back and look over the past months!

The girls, as well as Scott and yourself will LOVE reading this later for sure!

PS - Wasn't it neat that we both headed to the beach at the same time!! I envy your calm water - incoming storms got our water kinda rough as we got further into the week.

But there was still the pool and sand!

Tara said...

Happy one year blogging!!! What is a blub book and is it hard to do? I've often wondered how I could make something for Ramsey from this blogging thing. Oh, and Happpy belated Mom's Day! You deserve a round of appalause.

Erickson 5 said...

Mary Beth,
You have a beautiful family! I read Lots of Scotts and Amazing Trips daily too! They always have me smiling. My triplets are the same age as the Scotts so it is always fun to compare what we have going on. Great site and I love your blog name!!!


Angella said...

Happy Anniversary! Yay for one year!!

The Dairy Wife said...


I too am working on my Blurb book. Isn't it going to be great for them to thumb through the pages when they're older? They're going to love it.