Monday, May 12, 2008

Big Bully Sarah OJs

Whew, we have new personality traits creeping out almost daily, and some of them are prettier than others. For the last couple of weeks we've been avid bird watchers out our office window seat. There are a couple of bird feeders in our back yard, and the girls love to sit and watch for them to come and eat. We've seen plenty of cardinals, finches, and other little birds which I could not identify.

We've also seen our share of big bully blue jays... or as Sarah insists on calling them for some reason "big bully OJs". The blue jays can be so mean to the other birds- keeping them away from food, knocking them off branches, pecking at them, etc. It is hard to watch.

It is immensely more difficult for a mom to watch her children behave that way! On Friday Sarah was very rough with the other girls (as she often is these days), and at one point just walked up and clocked Kate in the head with her fist. Understandably, Kate was upset and Sarah was instructed to apologize to Kate, or "tell Kate you are sorry". Being the stubborn child that she is, Sarah ended up in her crib for time out while Kate and I sat in the rocker awaiting her apology. I am pretty sure that everyone else in the house (including Maggie, Ella, Mom, Dad, and Kate herself) said "sorry Kate" before Sarah managed to squeak the words from her pursed lips. She was so stinkin' mad to be stuck in the crib and made to say sorry... she clearly wasn't (sorry, that is), but I didn't really know how else to handle the situation. It took almost 30 minutes, but when she finally said it and was free to go, it wasn't long before she was at her rough and pushy self again.

I'm sure they'll all take turns with different behaviors, and I certainly don't want to label them and then have them live up to my expectations, so I say all this knowing that in another day or week or month it'll be someone else's turn. However, Sarah is our passionate child for the moment. In the same breath that she is yelling NO at the top of her lungs, she can also form the words, "kiss, kiss" for taking care of any of her sisters' injuries. She loves to hug and kiss everyone, which often ends badly in squeezing. She makes sure that Maggie and Kate have their pacis and lovies when needed. She loves to feed the other girls from her spoon... again, it often ends badly when they are hurt by the utensil she is wielding. However, most all of her bullish behavior can be attributed to pure zest and exuberance.... well, except for the stubborn streak.

So my sensitive, overly passionate award this week goes to our very own big bully OJ Sarah.


Denise Wheeler said...

Aww, so nice to know I am not the only one with a bully. My Lucy bullies her brothers big time. So frustrating! Here's to hoping it passes soon.

Becoming Me said...

he sounds a lot like my pumpkindoodle at that age, except pd wasn't a bully. She was, however, very stubborn and not quick to apologize and her fits of rage seemed to last for hours, but she also had a sweet and nurturing streak. Still does.

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

My kids take turns being bully. Gaby sounds like Sarah. She loves to kiss and hug but I've also seen her dragging the other babies around and sitting on them. She thinks this is very funny.

She looks so sweet and innocent in the photo.

Brandi said...

Sounds like Raegan, she got in trouble Sunday for hitting my brother and sister-in-laws dog on the head with a toy fishing rod. We made her say "sorry" and then about five minutes later, she looked over at the dog and said it again, more sincerely. It's almost like it took her a few minutes to realize what she had done. Since she has no siblings, I guess she takes her bullying out on the pets!