Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Shoes

Last week Mimi and Ella went shopping and found a very ugly cute pair of clipity clop shoes at Wal-Mart that Ella didn't want to have to live without. Mimi knows that I have issues with the amount of "stuff" that we have in our house, so she is usually very good about not loading us down, but Ella really, really needed those shoes, so she bought them.

Apparently they hurt Ella's feet because she wears them a while then takes them off for a while and then the cycle repeats. She doesn't like to leave the house without them even though she is usually just carrying them.

Since I've been recovering from the flu, (Thank you Suzanne and Tamiflu) Ella went with Mimi again yesterday afternoon while the girls were napping so I could rest. While they were running their errands, they made a quick stop at the DairyQueen for a chocolate milkshake. After Mimi unbuckled Ella's car seat and put her little clipity clop feet down on the pavement, Ella said, "Hold my hand Mimi. I would sure hate for someone to run over my new shoes!"

Sorry, no pictures of the clipity clop shoes, but heres one of us folding the mountain of laundry this morning... Ella and Sarah "helping"


PhotoChick said...

SO adorable! I love how she doesn't want the shoes to get hurt! I'm glad you're feeling better - there should be a special clause in the world of sickness that says, "Mommies are exempt from any and all illnesses."

Thanks for telling me your thoughts on the dress dilemma - I really do love the polka dot one as well. No matter what, I know I'll need to bring a slop-shirt for when it comes time for cake though...!

Aaanyway! I love reading the stories about those girls. They're SO darned cute!

Christie said...

I LOVE the new layout!!! Super cute! The pictures you get of your girls are so perfect. They are completely adorable. Good for Ella for protecting her valuables!
I love hearing about how your girls are changing.

Brandi said...

no, she usually only sleeps 45 minutes to an hour. and that is an improvement, back when she was still taking two naps a day they were only 30 minutes long, and it usually took me longer than that just to get her to sleep. so the two and two and a half hour ones for the last two days have been awesome for her (and me!)

mandy said...

FOUR girls... wow. i mean WOW. :)
you have a beautiful family, siesta!

JMT said...

Nice bright Layout. It suits your bright girls.

Denise Wheeler said...

Too funny MB. Hope you are all better now.