Friday, February 29, 2008

Permission to Brag

I mentioned last night that the folks over at The Parent Bloggers Network have put out a request for all us parents to get out our brag books.... It doesn't take much to make me do that, in fact, that is a lot of what this blog is about! The request comes as part of a promotion for a new book by Jennifer Fox entitled Your Child's Strengths. I haven't read it yet, but the reviews on Amazon look good.

At almost 3 years old, Ella is incredibly loving and kind. She is compassionate about many things... her family, her environment, and her whole world. She takes great care of her three little sisters and also antagonizes them a fair amount. She actually tolerates much more than I would ever think possible for a 2 almost 3 year old. They climb on her, take her things, and have completely altered her once lone existence, and we've truly yet to see the green monster of jealousy from her in any serious respect. She is insightful, adorable, and I could just eat her up!!

Before starting on the little gals, let me say that I sat down just now to try and count up how many words they have and within 2 minutes I had written 60, and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. They are all copying everything we say so new words that they actually know and use in "conversation" are popping up daily.

Maggie is our mischievous, little, trouble maker. She is a complete delight. You can see the gleam in her eye when she is about to stir up some trouble. She is just so cute in the way she goes about things. Maggie loves to dance and snap her fingers. She likes to twirl in circles (all these silly girls do). With a grand total of 13.5, she has the most teeth of the 18 month old crew here.

I don't know if I've mentioned it before or not, but I am smitten with Kate and her ability to be completely happy playing in the midst of the group or all by herself. Unless she isn't feeling well, she is content to do her own thing or play with the other girls, but either way she doesn't find it necessary to cling to me all the time...and she smiles all the time. She loves to dress and undress herself. When she is having snuggle time with me one on one, she loves, loves to have her arms and legs tickled. Kari, Adam, and I used to tickle each other when we sat on the couch together so I'm hoping the other girls will enjoy it as much as Kate one of these days. Oh, and Kate has 12 teeth.

Sarah is soooooo talkative. Of all the 60+ words that the girls have, Sarah was the first to use each of them. She is just like a little parrot... nothing is said in her presence that she doesn't try to repeat. She loves to snuggle. Often she'll walk up to me and say, "hold". Her elephant lovey has seen better days, but she loves the stuffing right out of that little thing. Recently, she has started singing Jesus Loves Me to me as I get ready to put her in bed for the night. She loves to wear hats and currently has several that are favorites. Sarah only has 8 teeth still, so we've got a ways to go in the teething department, but thankfully she doesn't usually have a tough time with new ones.

I guess that's it for a quick update on the Four Silly Sisters, and Mama's brag book is officially closed for the day. I will be excited to read the book Your Child's Strengths as we begin to discover each of Ella, Maggie, Kate, and Sarah's.


CMB said...

I found you at Unpink Ladies and I am so glad I popped over. What an amazing story you and your family have. Your girls are precious. I totally admire you.

Whitney said...

What a great post! Your new look is fantastic!! Have a great weekend.