Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dressing Themselves

Hat and boots... Sarah's idea

Maggie is the only cutie who will actually wear a hairbow

Another cute hat shot

Kate and Ella- Mug shot photos

Many days I cringe as we walk out the door to go somewhere because Ella is now dressing herself almost full time. This particular day was not too bad, but most days she parades around as a Punky Brewster look-alike. I do try to gently persuade or coax, but more often than not, I am satisfied if she is wearing weather appropriate attire. Summer will bring new battles, and I'm certain of this because she is already insisting that she intends to wear her jeans (many pairs which she absolutely is refusing to touch these days) when summertime gits here. Over the weekend I found myself trying to convince Ella to put on a cute little aqua shirt -it's a great color on her, but she said to me, "Mom, it's just not MY color!" What could I say to that ?

I have had several people ask me recently about dressing Maggie, Kate, & Sarah all alike, and like my triplet mom friend Dorinda, I tend to dress them either alike or coordinated simply because it is easier. It takes so much less thought and effort to pick out one "set" of outfits vs. finding three equally comfortable/dressy/weather appropriate outfits for them. However, I suspect it will only be a matter of time before they are all telling me what they want to wear, or better yet, just dressing themselves. They are beginning to develop their own sense of what looks good, and I suppose I should just be greatful that we'll eventually move on to dressing as opposed to only undressing one of these days. Guess I'll continue to grin and bear it when the time comes X3 just like I do for little Punky now.... I certainly don't want to squelch their delightfully independent little spirits in any way!


Brandi said...

So we went to story time today, Raegan did better than I expected, so I think we'll try to go back next week for the valentine's party. Hope to see you guys there!!

Christie said...

I'm so behind in keeping up to date with your blog! You're girls are so busy! Wow. I love the video in the dress up shoes and diaper. Very chic. Can't believe the undressing stories too! Before duct tape, I've been told to put the diaper on backwards. Save the duct tape for summer!! :)

Christie said...
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Dorinda said...

I guess we're going with dress them alike/coordinated until they're old enough to know better. This for my own sanity. My 7-year-old doesn't care yet - maybe the triplets will care sooner. At least your girls still look adorable! They seem to have good taset :)

JMT said...

I wonder if boy toddlers would be as concerned with clothes. I'll never know either. Love the new photos.

kim said...

Wow you have quite a few fashionistas living in your home! I can't wait to play dress up with Emma! Thanks, by the way for Dr. Surrels, we loved her! I don't know what we'd do without you!

The Dairy Wife said...

I've always dressed the boys alike since birth. Right down to the their jammies at night. Now they want the same thing on. I always dress Meg to coordinate with them.

Von would like me to stop dressing them alike, because he's an identical twin and his Mother dressed them alike for years. I tell him he's just weird ... it's cute.

Your girlies are just too cute and so HIP!

I have three really cute long sleeve denim dresses I bought from another triplets mom. (I had to buy all three to get the one) Size two ... you can have them if they'll fit your girlies. They are like new and really cute. They runa little small in size and Meg never got to wear it.

OshKosh brand ... denim with little pink snowflakes and pink buttons. Let me know and I'll stick them in the mail. They'd make a great picture!