Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sweet Thankfulness

We had an incredibly fun and busy day starting with a sleep- in for mommy until 7:30am, a nice visit with Nanny and Pop C., playing with Joan, seeing lots of the family out in town this morning, grocery shopping, and finally celebrating baby Noel's baptism with Chris, Amanda, and Chase. As a result, tonight we sat down to a fast, easy dinner of pancakes, bacon, bananas, and milk. Ella asked the blessing, as usual. After she had a few bites of her pink pancakes, she looked up at me and said, "Thanks for my supper, mom. It's good!" Then Sarah immediately started signing Thank You. Next I looked over and Kate was also vigorously signing Thank You to me.... all this greatfulness was completely unprovoked. These girls are so sweet that sometimes I could just eat them up! It made my mommy heart smile!! Maybe we'll eat pancakes every Saturday night?!?


Amanda L said...

Ha! read my latest entry. I need to eat dinner at your house according to my son. It was so great to be with you and yours on Sat. I am glad you came after the masses so I could actually enjoy you guys.