Wednesday, January 9, 2008


We have officially entered the era of the ever popular question, why. In fact, every other sentence that Ella forms these days ends in at least a question mark, if not specifically why. Fortunately, she has also been listening, paying attention, and answering some pretty good ones, too.

During the children's sermon in church Sunday, Kim was asking the children how to find a place they had never been before... asking for directions, reading maps, using the computer or other tools, etc. Then after they had discussed all the options for reaching unfamiliar destinations, she asked, "How did the wise men find the baby Jesus?" Ella immediately raised her hand, and before any of the older children could answer she said, "God put a star up for them to follow." Kay-Kay, her Sunday school teacher, was shocked... she didn't think any of her little 2-4 year olds were listening to the lesson that morning, but apparently at least one of them was!

We've been discussing the fact that daddy goes to work to earn money lately. Just a few days ago Ella came into the kitchen as I was mopping the floor and said, "May I watch you?". I said, "Sure, honey. But why do you want to watch me work?" She replied, "I just want to see how you earn your money."

"How come I've never seen Jesus?" she asked me one afternoon recently. I did the best I could to explain that though I've never seen him with my eyes either, I certainly believe in him and he's always in my heart. She then said, "I feel him in my heart too, and since he's in there I want to give him that heart." I stood there with my mind absolutely reeling... wow, but she interrupted my amazement with, "You know the pink one I made yesterday with the plate. Maybe I should cut it into two pieces so he can share it with God."

"How old is God?"
I haven't figured out how to explain that to a two, almost three year old yet either.
Daily I pray that the Lord will give me the wisdom I need to answer all these thousands of questions, and I never cease to thank Him for these four precious children He's entrusted to my care.
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HeatherBurke said...

MB - Your post made me laugh out loud. Ryan is also going through the same phase and the questions seem to be getting harder and harder. Some of the questions are getting challenging to answer! This morning we had about a 10 - 15 minute question and answer session about Why it was raining? Why does God make it rain? Why to the trees and grass need water? Why mom? The cute part is he is really REALLY interested in the answers and appears to be trying to soak everything in! The annoying part is 7 days a week from 7am - 7:30pm. Ahhh. Can you imagine when the trio's start they "Question and answer phase?"

JMT said...

If you come up with really good answers to all these questions please post them so I can use them next year!