Saturday, January 12, 2008

Girl's Night Out and No Sleep Woes

Dawn & Dotti

Amanda & LeAnne

Emileigh, Brittney, & Jaime

Holly & Erin

Here we all are...

Okay, this time Girl's Night Out was with my "old" college buddies and not my new triplet mom friends, so we only average 1.8 children each, ha, ha, ha!! On the way home Amanda and I realized that we have been out of college for almost 10 years now! Wow, just realizing that made me feel old, but I don't think that any of us looks much older or worse for the wear. It was so much fun to catch up with everyone and boy did we laugh!

It's a good thing that we had awesome fun while away, because the amount of fun I had there was directly proportional to the trouble that I've had from the girls since the very moment that I got home. I walked in at 11pm and, no kidding, by 11:30pm Kate had started to cry. I was up all night with her off and on.... sleeping (or trying to) on the couch with her and rocking in the chair. She seemed peaceful as long as I was holding her, but the moment I tried to lay her down the screeching began. I even attempted that several times for short stints, but I never got any indication that she was going to get herself back to sleep that way so I always just gave up and tried to enjoy the little sleeping beauty. I'm hoping it is teething still.

This morning Ella was in rare form.... bouncing from one place to another wreaking havoc everywhere she went. Any time she wasn't making her presence known to the babies and I, she was getting into TROUBLE. She painted her fingernails red and tried to wash it off in the sink in one bathroom, after making these really neat "stacks".

She's got a real talent, don't you think??

In the time it took me to grab the camera and take these pictures while constantly removing crying babies from my legs she moved on to the other bathroom and proceeded to find, use, and spill the Nail Polish Remover all over the bathroom rug.

I then made a poor, sleep deprived choice and decided we should all go to Chick-Fil-A for lunch so the girls could run off some steam. The place was packed... 2 rec ball teams and a birthday party. So they didn't end up being able to play much at all and then two of the four fell asleep on the way home- instead of waiting until we were here so that they would take decent, much needed, afternoon naps.

It continued on from there... no napping, early to bed, etc. and here I sit presently listening to at least one, if not two, of them crying. Hopefully I won't have that much fun again for a long time, if my having all that fun is, in fact, what is to blame for the day we've had!!

But for the record for those of you who were there last night, even if I have to pay for my fun in this manner, it was still worth it!